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All About Hair Extensions

Reshma Jirage
If you are fond of changing your hairstyle frequently, then hair extensions can be the perfect option for you. You can add style and length to your hair with beautiful hair extensions. Let's get a little more acquainted with them.
Hair extensions can add volume, length and style to your hairdo and give you a totally new and appealing look. The use of hair extensions has been practiced since the 1980s and is still quite sought after for its simple utility. The hair in the extensions could be genuine hair, or synthetic.
Contrary to the earlier available extensions, today they are available in fascinating colors, styles, textures and lengths. You can choose from the wide variety for a perfect one that matches the texture and color of your original hair, though you're sure to be satisfied with the ones made from natural human hair.
Let's learn how you to pick the right one and also what are the options available to you.
Types of Hair Extensions
  • Curly extensions
  • Straight extensions
  • Clip on extensions
  • Pre bonded extensions
  • Colored extensions
Colored extensions are now available in colors other than the traditional black and brown. You can find them in different vibrant colors such as golden, orange, red, pink, green and even blue. They are made from human hair, synthetic fibers or animal hair.

Picking the Right Length

Hair extensions can offer a dramatic revamp to your look and style. They can be used to create fancy hairdos for different occasions. Generally, hair extensions are about 26 to 30 inches in length. The length of the extension that you pick should depend on the shape of your face and on the color of your natural hair.
Selecting extremely long extensions can put excess pressure on your scalp and cause damage to your original hair. Hence, on an average, it is advisable to use an extension that is about 22 inches long or less, for a woman of average height.

How to Attach

You can attach the extensions to your original hair using different methods such as:

• Strand-by-Strand: In this method, the extensions are applied to your original hair using heat fusion, clamping, glue or polymers and waxes.
• Weft Application: Apply the extension with a weft application method. A weft looks like a curtain of hair attached at the top, and free-flowing at the bottom. These wefts are handmade or machine-made.
• Keratin Bonding: Hair extensions can be attached by the method of bonding, which is one of the easiest methods. The bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the extension and then attached to the root of the hair.
• Mini-Links: In this method, there is no use of heat, glue or remover. It involves the use of small circular links, through which your original hair is pulled. The hair is put inside the link and squeezed tight.


You need to take care of your hair extensions to keep them in a good condition. Let's see what you can do to ensure proper care of those gorgeous extensions.

• The day you fix the extensions in your hair, don't wash it for at least two days, as the extensions need enough time to set.
• Also, avoid frequent (read daily) washing of your hair with extensions, as it can result in their detachment.

• It is advised that you wash and deeply condition your hair in a gentle manner when you do wash your hair.
• Use specialized shampoos and conditioners meant for treated hair. You can also use serums, leave-in conditioners or different styling products which will help maintain the hair.

• You can curl, straighten or blow dry your hair extensions, and can cut and style it in any manner you wish.
• You can even dye the extensions without worrying. However, before dying the extensions, you need to decipher the type and texture of your hair, because different hair types dye differently.

• Avoid going to bed with wet hair.

• When using a hot iron or curler for your hair, keep it away from the bonded tip of the extension.
• Run your fingers through the braid extensions in order to prevent unnecessary tangling.

Armed with all this information on hair extensions, you can now visit your hairdresser and ask him to help you pick out the perfect one for you. Have fun.