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Hair Weaving Instructions

Rutuja Jathar
Hair weaving is a process of braiding hair on the human scalp. You can also do it the DIY way. This article provides some instructions for the same.
Hair weaving is the popular method of installing a new set of hair into the existing one. This technique is also known as hair integration. Hair weaving extensions are now also available in the form of lace extensions that are applied to a particular part of the scalp.
People who experience hair loss problems and those who are just not satisfied with their hair, can reap greater advantages of these instructions than those who are blessed with naturally beautiful hair that can be worn in any hairstyles that they wish.
This is one of the most easiest techniques of installing the extensions. It is arguably the most popular technique because it doesn't have any side effects that are caused by the other installation methods that are time-consuming and use different chemicals and glues.
It is actually done by using a needle and a thread, just like sewing a cloth. Before starting the procedure, make sure that the hair and the scalp is properly cleaned and dried. Here are some tips that can be useful before learning the instructions.
  • The foremost step is braiding the hair into tracks. These tracks later on serve as the base for the extension fillings. Before following the instructions, be sure about the braided or hair weave style that you want to wear.
  • It is good if you create smaller braids so that they can be easily hidden. Always create the tracks from the back side of the head and create horizontal partitions. This would serve as a section for the braiding.
After making the section you simply do the cornrow braid style and keep on making braids as per the necessity. The braids should be strong but not too tight. Too tight braids can create sores and scalp irritations.
  • Cut the extension wefts and hold them against your scalp to determine the exact width that is required for the installation and then begin the process.


  • The extension weft needs to be attached to the tracks that you have previously created. Make sure that you choose the thread color, exactly the same as the color of your hair so that it can be camouflaged easily underneath.
  • Use a C-shape needle and tie the thread to the needle. Place the needle at the very end of the weft till you reach to the knotted end of the wefted extension.
  • Put it against the track and slowly start sewing the weft into the hair. Make sure you don't create any gaps so that the wefts are placed tightly to the scalp.
  • On reaching the end of the braid, cut off the remaining weft of the extension and secure the sewing by making a small knot. Cut all the loose ends of the thread and then begin the same procedure with the needle and a new weft of hair.
On completing the procedure, brush down the hair, in order to complete the hairstyle. It is better to get it done by a hair specialist. This technique is easy when you know the actual sewing method. Moreover, these extensions can last for at least three months and they can be removed very easily too. Hence they are worth trying. The aforementioned tips and instructions might prove beneficial to achieve the desired look.