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Hair Weaves for Black Women

Stephen Rampur
Hair weaves can do wonders if applied properly. They can give you a different hairstyle, add to your hair length, or even add color to it.
Many African-Americans use hair weaves now or have used in the past.
Nowadays, using hair weaves has become a fashion trend and a common practice among black women, not only in the US but all over the globe. As a result, be it hair weaves for short haircuts or hair weaves for thinning hair, there are a wide range of varieties to select from in the fashion world.

What is Hair Weaving?

The process of hair weaving relates to hairdos where real or synthetic hair is interlaced into one's own natural hair. Generally, there are two fundamental methods to weave hair.
>>One is the traditional technique, wherein the natural hair is braided into corn rows and then the synthetic or real (human) hair is woven in a complex manner into the natural hair. This process demands the use of particular needles and threads to sew in the hair.
>>The second method consists of the usage of glue, wherein the seams of fake hair are pasted and then set in place onto the natural hair. This pasting procedure is normally carried out in sections for achieving a particular style.

Different Types of Hair Weaves

Sewed-in Hair Weaves

Sewed-in hair weaves are generally better for black hair as the braided style, which is worn underneath the weave, keeps the original hair away from everyday wear and tear. Moreover, they are also durable to use.

Glued-in Hair Weaves

These hair weaves are intended to be worn for a very short period of time, approximately no longer than a week. The glue which attaches the weave hair can be harmful to the hair, particularly upon removal. You need to be very heedful in removing glued-in hair weaves to preclude getting your natural hair pulled out with it.

Choosing the Right Hair Weave

When it comes to choosing hair weaves for black women, you are required to take certain aspects into consideration. If you choose the best hair weave according to your specific anticipations, your weave will certainly look more naturalistic and render a more satisfactory feeling.

Opt for Good Quality Hair

Hair weaves for black women can be expensive, so you need to be very careful in choosing the best one which would suit your pocket and also meet your requirements.
Black women who are searching for good quality hair should look for indications such as '100% human hair' or 'Remy hair'. Remy hair is believed to be the best quality hair weave available in the market.

Observe your Natural Hair Texture

Since African-Americans normally have highly-textured hair, some prefer purchasing weaves which are bone straight with no amount of curl in it. But even black hair which has been chemically relaxed has some amount of texture to it.
For a more original look, it is suggested to select hair which seems as if it has naturally grown from the scalp. You would never want plastic doll-type hair. A few African-Americans do not prefer straight hair weaves, instead, they want curly or kinky weaves.
Search for hair weaves which have a texture that closely corresponds to that of your original hair. With appropriate application, it would not be noticeable that you have put on a hair weave. The hair's curly roots can easily harmonize together into the weave with no detection.
If you are not sure about choosing a suitable hair weave, you can consult with a professional stylist who will assist you in selecting which one to buy and also give you a new improved look that you always wanted.