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Your Guide to Sassy Hair Updos for Proms is HERE

Kashmira Lad
Turn yourself into a glam goddess with these style tips for hair updos for prom nights.
No matter how well you deck up for your prom night, the entire look can never be complete without a sassy hairdo! Imagine, wearing the best creation with a very frumpy hairdo! Hair updos are the latest on the circuit and most young girls love wearing them, since it gives them the red carpet look in true style!
To have the right kind of coiffure for proms, you need good ideas and the right stylist! Of course, with a few tips, you can try a few of these at home itself! Here are a few easy and stylish hairstyles for your special prom night, which are sure to bring quite a few envious glances your way!
Take a look at the award nights, chances are, your favorite Hollywood stars are wearing their tresses in stylish updos! Use these as a base to get your hair done!
You will need blow dryer, styling mousse, wide-toothed comb, hair brush, curling iron, hot rollers, hairpins, hair spray, holding spray, etc.

Style Tip 1

Start by washing your hair properly. This forms the base of any good hairstyle. Then, use some styling lotion, apply this from the root to tip, and make sure you cover the entire head. Use the blow dryer and dry your hair thoroughly.
Now, you need to use the sections of your hair to roll them into the hot rollers. Use the holding spray to make the hairstyle stay in place. The moment the hair curls return to normal temperature, run your fingers through the hair to gently loosen them out. Then, tie the hair up gently into a ponytail.
Use the thicker sections of your hair and roll them up first. Use a hairpin to fix the curl to the crown. Use this method for all the thick and curled sections of your hair. Use different directions when you pin the same.
Once done with all the sections, use some hair spray over the entire hair updo so that it stays in place. An added styling tip: Bangs can give a very chic look so go ahead and sport those stylish side swept bangs with great elan.

Style Tip 2

If you think you really cannot handle all the fuss and frills, then you can go in for a classic French twist as a prom hairdo. Do note one thing, you need to have long hair for the same.
To begin with, wash your hair and smoothen them into a low ponytail. You may need to use some hair spray to give a refined appearance. Then, lift the ends of the hair and twist the same to the position you would prefer so that it forms a thick roll. Bend this roll and ensure you nudge the ends back under the hair roll. Use hairpins to secure the hair updo.
There are various ways you can use to jazz up this hairstyle. You can leave some casual hair strands around to frame the face. Try different angles of the twist for a better look. Use some cool hair accessories to add more pizzazz to the entire ensemble.

Style Tip 3

This hair updo for the prom night is kind of messy yet sexy at the same time. As always, shampoo and condition your hair. Use a cold-water rinse at the end of your shampoo session. Use a towel to blot the hair and apply some detangler to it as well. With the help of a blow dryer, dry your hair but while doing so, use a paddle brush for the same.
Use your fingers to gently sweep the hair off the face. Now, create a parting on one side. Then sweep the hair over to one side for a fuller look. Tie a loose ponytail. Use a simple elastic to tie the same. Push this towards the upper side. Then, create around 1-inch section of hair. Use a 1-inch curling iron and create curls of these sections.
Use a hairpin to secure the curl. Use hairspray so that it holds securely. Continue the same procedure and have a kind of a bun towards the back of your head. Once you finish the entire bun, use your fingers to loosen some strands of hair for the messy look! Add some hair shimmer on the side for the ultimate glam look!
Use these sassy hair updos for proms to create a stir wherever you go!