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Types of Hair Ties

Pragya T
Hair ties are classic hair accessories, which help greatly to manage the hair. But, not just that! You can create many interesting hairstyles using them.
If you like to create new hairstyles with your hair, then I am pretty sure you have at least few hair ties of different styles. Simple cloth or ribbon ones or hair scrunchies have been around for many years, and have been used extensively to secure hair and make them more manageable. But, there are many ties or accessories which are very decorative and can be used to give a colorful and interesting look to your hair.

Hair Ties to Create Manageable and Attractive Styles

Ties for hair are of many types, they can be very simple, very elaborate, or transparent. So, you need to select the appropriate kind. For simple hairstyles, use transparent rubber band or plain black ones. But, if you want the ties that don't leave a mark, then go with ones that are made with elastic and a bit of cloth.
They slide nicely in hair, secure the hair properly, and when you take them off they don't leave a mark! Men with medium or long hair might want to tie their hair in a ponytail style or into a cool-looking braid like the herringbone braid. So, for such styles use simple hair scrunchies or ties.
There are many cute baby hair accessories available. However, when selecting the ties for babies make sure you pick simple ones which are not very heavy, but have a simple and cute design. Hair ties with a button or with a simple bow make good choice for little girls. Also, when you are tying the hair with a hair tie for babies, make sure the hair is not tightly done, as it can cause discomfort to the babies.
They come in various designs and can be simple or very elaborate. Some of them are really big and come with cute-looking flowers, that you can match with your dress. You can create a collection of various hair ties. Or you can simply buy a pack of hair scrunchies which are of different colors, so that you can match the scrunchy to your dress you are wearing.
There are many ways you can use them. You can make a simple high ponytail near the crown and secure it with a crunchy. You can also semi-tie the hair and place a beautiful ribbon hair tie. If you want an eye-catching style, then take a big ribbon hair tie and make a ponytail near the nape of neck and secure it with a hair tie.
You can also make lots of braids and secure each braid with a beaded hair tie. After you are done creating a ponytail or braid style, use either simple ties or some decorative ones to accessorize.
You can buy them at any beauty stores. You can find hair scrunchies at most supermarkets too. If you want some specific ones, then shop online. To get them at a very low price shop at a flea market or street shops.