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Hair Styling Tips

Aparna Jadhav
Everyone known some hair styling tips which work for their own hair. However, there are certain aspects, which need expert advice. Find some useful tips in this write-up.
Hairstyles are something all of us follow, mainly because we love to look different and our hair can have a major effect on our looks! There are many different shapes and features which are observed in people.
Many people want to appear good everyday and they try various things for the same. However, there are times when you are having a bad hair day, you have to go out and you don't have time to try anything on hair! In such a case, hair styling tips can help in a big way.
Women face styling disasters the most and thus, using some simple and light styling remedies could really be helpful. We see a variety of hair types and textures among both men and women such as; American, Italian, Asian, African, and others.
There are varieties such as straight, curly, wavy, and frizzled hair types, both short and long and thus there are many ways in which these can be styled. To style in a manner that looks good, you will need to know the face shapes and hairstyles as well. In addition, you need the right products and tips to make you look attractive and presentable.

For Women

• Short hair is a very convenient option for those women who are working or have no time to take care of long hair. There are many other advantages, as it suits any face structure and can be left without styling as well.
• Even though they require the least maintenance, short hair can be styled in classy ways to make your face look stunning. Medium and long hair are equally good in demand, as women today love to try new hairstyles.
• The most important tip for styling long as well as short hair is to oil them thoroughly the night before you wash them. This is because oil not only conditions them naturally but also gives the roots a slight bounce and shine after washing. It also holds the roots tightly so that your hair don't fall.
• If you have bangs, spray water, back-comb them and clip them up tightly so that they remain tight. You can also style short hair by using a blow dryer after they are clipped, to get a straight effect. You can do this for the entire hair (use serum to protect your hair from hot air damage), if you want straight hair for the next day.
• While giving a particular shape to your hair, you can use herbal sprays, gels, and conditioners to maintain their positions. Make minimum use of chemicals, as they affect the roots and you could experience hair loss.
• Use wide toothed combs and avoid brushes. Don't pull your hair much as styling and changing their course could also lead to losing them in immense amounts.

For Men

• Men on the other hand, prefer to have short hair and thus are free from all the maintenance investments. However, they are extremely style conscious as well.
• You can start by picking some suitable hairstyles for face shapes, and make sure they also suit the place you are going to (office, school, a party, or any outdoor event). Use only the products which suit your hair type (curly/straight and oily/dry).
• If you are prone to hair loss, use a wide toothed brush or comb (if not, narrow toothed combs are perfect).
You can also think of getting herbal products instead of chemical hair products such as gels, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, and colors. Men with long hair should definitely use herbal products and oil their hair regularly.
• Styling your hair can be very easy with fingers, instead of a brush! So after gelling your hair, simply run your fingers through them and give whichever style or shape you wish to (Mohawks, Buzz cuts, Scene hairstyles, etc.)