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Hair Straightening Techniques

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
When it comes to woman's hairstyle, straight hair always remains a preferred choice for most women worldwide. Some of the commonly used hair straightening techniques are blow drying, Japanese straightening, chemical relaxers, hair straighteners, and the straightening products.
As far as woman's hairstyles and haircuts are concerned, the ideas are endless. While some prefer to have wavy hair, others opt for straight and smooth hair. In fact, you can look different everyday with a different hairstyle. Even if you don't have natural straight hair, you can look gorgeous with a smooth and sleek hairstyle by opting for a safe process.


These techniques work either for temporary or permanent alteration of the texture. In temporary alteration, the hair remains straight for a particular duration, from a few weeks to several months. Whereas permanent straightening results in permanent alteration of the texture.
Nevertheless, hair straightened by a permanent process can be changed by certain treatment procedures. Here are some processes that you can consider for giving your hair that sleek appearance:

Blow Drying

Blow drying is the conventional method for temporary straightening of hair.
In this process, a volume of hair is pulled by using a round brush, over which hot air is applied from a distance. It usually requires repeated application of the hot air for smoothening, which may damage the hair. One of the advantages of blow drying is that no harmful chemicals are used.

Japanese Hair Straightening

This process is also referred to as thermal reconditioning. It is one of the new methods that involves the application of chemicals and then heat for changing the shape and texture of hair.
Advantages of this include permanent straight hair and little damage(if done properly). A major drawback of this technique is the price, costing you approximately USD 200-USD 1000.

Chemical Relaxers

Another popular method is by using chemical relaxers. As the name signifies, relaxers are applied to the hair, which permanently change the texture. Though this method is comparatively cheaper than the Japanese one, it may cause damage to the hair. It is advisable not to self apply chemical relaxers without consulting a stylist.


Straighteners are an ideal option if you want to smoothen your hair at home without visiting a salon.
With a straightener, you can heat the device and straighten your hair. The temperature of the heat applied should be maintained properly in order to minimize the damaging effects. One of the cons of these devices is that they are less effective for naturally wavy hair.

Commercial Products

There are several products that are specially formulated for changing the shape of hair. Products such as hair sprays, gels, and putties can help you in your endeavors.
If you are opting for such a product, make sure you purchase it from a reliable brand. Also, while applying any of these products, always follow the manufacturer's hair straightening tips, so as to minimize the damage to the hair.
Whatever option one chooses, the most important factor is the safety. Hence, prior to starting any procedure, it is necessary to examine the texture of the hair and the safety of the chemicals (if any) that are involved. Chemicals, if used, should not be applied on the scalp, as they may cause damage to the follicles, resulting in hair loss.
The new hair will acquire natural curly texture, which can be straightened again. After straightening the hair, proper care is very essential, so as to restore the natural shine and strength of the hair.