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Hair Setting Techniques

Amruta Gaikwad
Every woman has different hair quality. It may differ in thickness as well as length. It is often hard to manage thick and frizzy hair. So, here are a few hair setting methods, that would give you a quick, clean, and trendy look. Keep reading to know more...
Women love to experiment with different hair styles. Earlier, it would take long hours to set up a hair style. Advancement of technology has offered many new equipment such as straightening, curling, crimping and wave irons, to make hair styling an easy process.
In case you want to minimize the use of these irons, braided and natural hair styles can work wonders on your hair. As there are several methods, here are a few styles that can be experimented with short as well as long hair lengths.

Curling Styles for Short Hair

May it be long or short hair, curls always add volume and life. Right techniques and equipment can make short hair curls possible too. There are good curling irons and even hot rollers available that make the process of curling easy.
Also, the market has a wide range of hair products, such as mousse or sprays that make styling easy and also maintain it for a long time. With the variations in the curling irons, you can obtain a spring like look or even thick and wavy curls. Here are the two curling styles for short hair.

Bouncy Curls

• Wash, clean and dry your hair, before using a curling iron.
• Use hair products, as per the texture of your hair. Silky and smooth hair might require strong mousse or spray to keep the hair from falling downward.
• Partitioning makes curling easier, quicker and evenly curls, all the hair strands. Partition your hair and clip them apart.
• Take an inch of hair strand in your hand and roll it around the curling iron.
• Hold it up to 15-30 seconds, till it completely curls the hair strands. You can increase the time depending on the thickness of your hair. Thick hair takes time to set and therefore require more heat.
• While you release the curling iron, roll the iron diagonally in a downward direction, to avoid tangling of hair.
• Once curling is finished, use a spray or a gel to prevent the curls from falling out.
• While applying a gel or a mousse, scrunch your hair to keep the curls in its best form.
You can even use hot rollers to obtain this hairstyle. Partition your hair and take thicker hair strands. Roll them and secure it with clips. Keep the rollers for a longer time, in case your hair is thick. Remove the rollers diagonally and carefully as chances of developing hair knots are more while using hot rollers.

Pixie Hair Style

This is one of the oldest hairstyles, but looks smart and stylish on short hair. Here's the tutorial for setting pixie hairstyle.

• Take a small length straightening iron and heat it.
• Comb out all the hair in the styling direction. In case you want your hair to fall in the front and downward direction, comb your hair towards the front.
• Partition your hair, without disturbing the direction of the hair.
• Apply gel or a mousse to the hair, to obtain a straight and sleek look.

Pixie Piquante brings out the facial features and the wearer looks stunning in such a hairstyle.

Crimping Hair Styles for Long Hair

Long hair, though tough to manage, offers many different techniques. They could be curled, straightened, secured in buns or braided. Among these, here are a few hair up-dos that are easy, simple and less time-consuming.
Crimping is among the popular hair styles, that many young girls are sporting nowadays. With the crimping irons available in the market, creating such a hairstyle has become easy. Crimping gives a completely different texture to the hair and makes it look unique and subtle.

Plain Long Hair Crimping

• While your crimping iron is getting heated, thoroughly comb and partition your hair into two sections.
• Take an inch or 2 inch hair strand and begin crimping from the scalp to the tip of the hair.
• As you crimp, press the iron on the hair strand and release it. As you do this, you will see small layers forming on your hair strand
• Continue the same procedure for the rest of the hair.

Crimping for Layered Hair

• Wash and condition your hair.
• Dry your hair thoroughly and comb them to make them knot free.
• Partition your hair in three section.
• Two sections should fall on either side of the hair and one should run down from middle of your head.
• Once the crimping iron is heated, start crimping from the middle section of your head.
• Divide the hair into two layers and begin crimping from the upper layer.
• Crimp your hair from the scalp and work towards the tip of the hair.
• Follow the same procedure, till all your hair is crimped well.

Crimp Waves

• Partition your hair into three sections and begin crimping from the scalp.
• Press the iron lightly on the hair to have light crimps.
• Once you have finished crimping, comb out your hair gently and twist the tips of the hair to create waves.
These different hair styling irons can give your hair different and fashionable look, but they can also cause harm to the skin.

Therefore, make sure that the iron is placed at least one inch away from the scalp, to avoid burns.
These are a few methods, which will make your hair manageable and give you a neater look. So, don't wait any longer and take up these methods to set your own hair styles.