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Hair Root Touch Up

Rutuja Jathar
A hair root touch up is an important and easy hair color maintenance drill that you can perform at home. Described here are the types of touch ups, the products available, and the procedure for touching up your roots at home.
There are numerous reasons for a person to opt for various hair color ideas. Whatever the reason is, the need for a root touch up is absolutely necessary for a person with colored hair.
Hair grow at the rate of 1.27 cm per month, which cause a definitive line on the strand separating the colored part of the hair from the newly grown part. In short, the growth divides the hair color near the roots. To avoid this, color the roots. This process is called a touch up which you can perform using three types of dye:  liquid, powder, or cream.

Types of Touch Ups

The liquid dye has a thin consistency and you need to combine it with a color developer like hydrogen peroxide. You can apply this with the help of a bottle dropper and then rub it on the roots.
The powder dye can just be dabbed on the roots. This is an easy procedure and it also mops away excessive oil and moisture from the scalp, just like dry shampoo. Combine cream dye (that comes in a tube) with a developer and apply it with a thin brush. If the color has faded throughout the strands, increase the area of application.

Best Products

There are many types of products available for different types of hair and various colors. Once you select the color, you can choose the type of touch up product you want.
Powder and pen products are mainly used as quick ways to conceal color difference without any cream and liquid dyes and hence are preferred by many. The color stays until you wash your tresses, after which, you need to reapply it. Some brands of touch up sticks are waterproof and provide protection from a quick jump in the pool or a sudden drizzle.

Gray Roots

Gray hair is the prime causes why people color their tresses. Temporary root touch ups prove to be a real savior for those with gray hair. Decide what to use: the pen, sponge, stick or brush and purchase one.
While selecting the dye, always opt for darker hues of your current color. Purchase the dye after a strand test, which is important to prevent the possibility of wrong color and any resultant allergies. It is also necessary to use a special shampoo for color treated hair. Once you follow all these important tips, then application of the dye is quite easy.


Here are some easy steps you need to follow to apply liquid or cream dye on your roots. Before you start, make sure you wear latex hand gloves and worn-out clothes
  • Prepare the dye as per instructions on the box. Now, divide your hair into 4 equal sections and clip each one separately.
  • Most importantly, apply a layer of petroleum jelly along the hairline to avoid the color from spreading on your forehead.
  • Unclip the front sections of hair and apply the dye on the roots. Ensure you don't apply the color on the scalp.
  • Apply the color again by flipping your hair, re-clip your hair, and repeat the process with the rest of your hair.
  • Once the color dries, comb it from the roots to tips so that it can spread throughout your mane. If you find any gray spots, then color them again. Repeat the procedure until all the roots are covered in dye.

You can try one of the following products:

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