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Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Malvika Kulur
We all know how the wrong haircut can put a damper on our looks, but apart from this, there are other hair mistakes that end up making us look at least 10 years older than what we really are. This story is a list of such hair blunders, and how to avoid them.
"Life is a constant struggle, full of frustrations and challenges ... eventually you find a hair stylist you love!"

Hair is the first thing that we notice about a person. A hairstyle has the power to make you look younger as well as older. Youth is something that everyone wants to hold on to, therefore, people try new things with their hair, which sometimes do not work, making them look older.
Starting to gray is the first sign of aging, but this can be covered up with hair dye. But there are some hairstyles and cuts that can make even a 20-something look 30! No woman would want to look older than her actual age, right?
On the contrary, she would like to look much younger and fresher, so, keeping that in mind, and to prevent looking older, here is a compiled list of mistakes people make while deciding their hairstyle, and ways to repair the damage done.

Hair Mistakes and Their Solutions

One-length Cut

Long, silky, shiny tresses are every girl's dream. Some are fortunate enough to have it, but they end up sporting the wrong look. One-length hair makes women look much older than what they are, because it does nothing to frame the face in a soft way. One-length makes all the lines on the face stand out, making women and men look older.
Solution - Layers 

Many hairstylists recommend people to reduce the length of their hair as they age, because short hair gives the face a younger look. But if you are not into the whole idea of forgoing those long thick tresses, you do not need to. Just shape and layer your hair in such a way that it frames your face well.

Retro Haircuts

There is a reason these haircuts are called retro haircuts. It is because they are old. They look good if you are acting in a play or posing for a retro-styled photoshoot, but if you are going to sport this look on an everyday basis, then you are going to look older.
Solution - Upgrade Your Haircut to Something Trendy

There is a wide variety of haircuts and styles that you can choose from. Depending on your face cut, shape, and overall body structure, talk to your hairdresser and choose a cut that will make you look your age, if not a few years younger.

Very Dark Hair Color

If your skin tone is on the darker side, then you need not worry, because, having dark hair on a lighter skin tone is the mistake. If you're fair, then having a dark head of hair will draw attention to every fine line, spot, blemish, uneven color, and bags under your eyes, thus, making you appear older.
Also, due to the contrast between your scalp and your hair color, thinning becomes very noticeable. Very dark hair also makes your hair look unnatural and wig-like.
Solution - Lighter Shades

Go in for lighter and warmer shades. Apart from making you look youthful and absolutely gorgeous, it also makes you look softer and innocent. Lighter and warmer colors do not clash with the scalp and face tone, and take off some of the attention from lines and spots on the face.

Poker Straight or Permed Hair

Poker straight hair makes the face look thinner, but also a little haggard. It makes the face look a little harsh, mature, and strict. Perms, on the other hand, if not kept well-moisturized can give your face an exhausted look, making you look older and tired.
Solution - Soft Natural Waves

Apart from framing the face in the most flattering way, waves give off a very soft look. Waves help balance out the face well, and does highlight lines, wrinkles, or spots. It also adds volume to the hair, giving it a fuller look.

Going Completely Blonde

When I say blonde, I mean the bleach-blonde look many women seem to favor. But, unfortunately bleach-blonde, platinum, and white blonde are not the colors a woman above 30 should sport. When one ages, skin also ages.
With some people, the skin turns pale, yellow, or a pasty white. Therefore, using a cool shade of blonde is not for men or women who are aging already, as it makes the skin look sallow, tired, and haggard.
Solution - Add Lowlights

If you want to dye your hair blonde, then use a warm golden blonde. This color will help give your face a glowing appearance. Also, you should go in for darker lowlights, so that your hair does not look monotonous and boring. Having warm lowlights in your hair will make your face look fresh, and not washed out.

Not Maintaining Your Hair

As you age, your hair ages with you. It becomes dry, gets split ends, starts falling, and loses its luster. Damaged hair makes you look older.

Solution - Look After Your Hair

Invest in a good conditioner, so that your hair looks shiny and soft everyday. Wash your hair only once in 2 or 3 days, and not everyday. Follow a balanced diet and maintain a good hair regime for beautiful hair.
There are so many good products available in the market to enhance the beauty of your hair, so that you avoid making mistakes. Likewise, you should also look into your overall health and skin to obviate the chance of making beauty mistakes that may make you look older.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs look amazing on children, teens, and tweens, but not on older women. It makes the eyes look smaller, and divides the face into two parts. This adds age to the face, by accentuating the chin, nose, and cheeks to a point that the face looks mature.
Solution - Edgy side swept bangs

If you love bangs, go in for an edgy cut. Instead of a blunt fringe, sport one that has feathery ends to it, so that your face looks soft. Another great idea is to go in for side-swept bangs, as they look graceful and very feminine. It covers the lines on the forehead as well as shows off your pretty face.

Buns and Braids

Tight buns, braids, or pony tails, draw unnecessary attention to the lines and spots on the face. It also adds a very stiff look to the face, making it look harsh. Sometimes, braids look as if you are trying too hard to hold on to your youth, and therefore, make you look older.
Solution - Natural and Soft

Instead of tying your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, you could tie a loose one, with a few strands of hair naturally let out so that they frame the face. If you are in love with braids, go in for a fishtail braid, teamed with a sleek side bang, for a younger look.Always remember to keep your look simple and natural.
You do not need to go in for any complicated hairstyle or cut. Maintain your hair well, as healthy hair is an indicator of a healthy body and personality.