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Hair Mascara

Hair mascara is a safe product used for creating temporary highlights and streaks at home. Read on to know more about this product and procedure...
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
At the first mention of mascara, many of us visualize eye makeup applied for darkening lashes. Hair mascara is basically the same, except that it is used for hiding gray hair, or highlighting hair strands with a different color.
It is free of peroxide, ammonia, and other such chemicals, and is thus safer than most brands of hair color. The plus points with this is that it causes no long-term side effects, which we usually come across with other hair coloring products.

What is It?

Hair mascara was introduced for the first time in 1997, when streaks and colorful highlights became a trend amongst fashion-conscious people. Whether you are using it to cover gray hair, or just to create colorful streaks, it is an excellent product that serves both purposes.
Applied color fades with regular shampooing. Hence, this product suits people who are looking for temporary hair highlights, or quick fixes for gray hair.
Even though it can be applied to any hair texture, it is best suited for natural straight hairstyles. With so many brands available in the beauty stores, prospective buyers get confused while choosing the best product. According to reviews, some good brands that you can consider using are L'oreal, Dior, Aveda, LancĂ´me, and Senscience Color Effects.

How to Apply?

Refer to the brochure before you begin applying the mascara. It comes with a brush and coloring agent. A good control over the brush is all you need for giving a natural finish. Make short strokes with the mascara brush for short hair and long strokes in case of long hair.
Also, the makeup instructions depend on the particular style that you are opting for. Some people prefer covering chunks of hair from the root to the tip, while others go for coloring the tips or the last few inches.
Decide the color based on your purpose for applying it. A simple logic is to purchase a darker shade for covering gray hair, while there is no particular color shade for creating streaks or highlights. Some people go for shades two tones lighter or darker than their natural hue, while others prefer using bright color for flaunting striking streaks.
Assuming you have bought the appropriate shade for your hairstyling venture, the basic steps to apply mascara to your mane are here.
  • Wash your hair with a good shampoo and wait till it dries completely. Remember that mascara works only on dry hair.
  • Decide the sections that you want to highlight. Hair around the face works well for framing the face. Or else, consider applying small patches all around the head.
  • To start with, hold and pull one section of hair from the head. Dip the brush in the color and apply from the root to the tip with gentle strokes. Depending on your intended style, you can apply only on the tips or the bangs, as per your choice.
  • Repeat the same for the remaining hair sections that you want to highlight, or create streaks. Thus, by using hair mascara, you can tint or highlight your hair easily, without making a trip to the beauty salon.
After you are done, wait for about 5 minutes, or until it dries properly, to give prominent streaks. And for a natural finish, gently comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb when it is still wet.