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Hair Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Mamta Mule
Read on to know more about the various options you can use from for highlighting light brown hair.
Hair highlights can give you a fresh look. If you are one of those searching for ideas on highlights for light brown hair, then here are a few. Choosing the right shades for highlights is as essential as choosing the right color for covering complete hair. Which are the best hair colors that you can pick for adding highlights to your hair?
There are many hair color ideas for you to choose from. Some impart a cool look while others give a funky gaze. Trying various techniques can be an option for various looks with shades of same color.

Blonde Strands

Try shades of blonde to look classy. Platinum is best for adding highlights to dark brown and light brown locks. It doesn't suit light brown hair but adds a shiny touch.
Golden-blonde highlights look great if added in wide strands. You can also add a few dark blonde highlights and get a stylish look. Gold and platinum blonde can be best used for a dual tone look. Shades like honey blonde and golden bronze will play up your light brown tresses in an easy way.

Monochromatic Brown

Going for a monochromatic look is quite easy. All you need to do is pick shades of dark brown. With darker shades of brown you can add the best lowlights in your light hair. You can add chocolate-brown subtle highlights. With chestnut brown you can wear a trendy look.
Consider adding thin lowlights with mahogany for face framing bangs. For dual-tone highlights, look for warm mocha and brown cinnamon. With little contrasting shades they add dramatic lowlights to your hair. A rich auburn adds class and sun-kissed brown offers natural highlights.
With a trendy haircut spice up your highlights and get ready for a makeover. Grab the best shades from top brand and add highlights to your locks.
For something funky, choose vibrant shades. For layered hairstyles, highlight them with shades like rich wine or lavender which will give a modish and out-of-the-crowd look. Consult a hair professional before finalizing the color. He/she will be able to guide you and help you pick the right shades suitable for your light brown hair and also your skin tone.