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Hair Highlights for Kids

Pragya T
Hair highlights are a good way for children to try out a new look. But, is it safe for kids to get them? Read on to know more.
Getting your child's hair highlighted at a salon using harsh dyes is a big no-no, as the products contain harsh chemicals, like ammonia, which can be very damaging. They can rip the hair off moisture. Also, if the color falls on the child's skin, it can be very harmful.
Using any hair coloring product meant for adults should be completely avoided for highlighting kids' hair. Instead, you can use some harmless ways that can help to create some funky and cool highlights.

Safe Ways to Highlight Kids' Hair

Whenever considering any form of hair coloring for children, it is important that the product not contain any harmful chemicals. Hence, opting for safe and mild methods for hair highlighting is advisable.

  • Fake Streaks:
    A harmless way to get highlights for children is to use clip-on colored hair streaks. You will find them in many stores. They are available in different colors, right from funky shades like bright pink, green, blue, etc., to subtle shades like black, brown, and blonde. 
  • So, pick up a few fake streaks of a single color or mix and match few different colored streaks. Then, clip them on to the child's hair for instant highlights. It is important that you see that the fake streaks are not pulling at the child's original hair. 
  • Also, remove the streaks after a day or two to avoid any harm to original hair. You can also use braid-in streaks if you like.
  • Henna:
    Another way to get hair highlights safely is by using henna. Henna is a herb and its powder is available in many stores. The powder is mixed with water to create a paste, and is then used as a natural conditioner for hair. By mixing it with different natural ingredients, you can produce different hair colors. 
Henna naturally gives an orange color, but on black hair it will look like a reddish tinge. You can add beetroot juice for a redder tinge. For getting a black shade, you can add indigo, which is a bluish-black plant dye. You can also mix coffee with henna paste for a brown shade, and mix rosemary tea to get golden tones.
For highlighting hair with henna, use the shower cap method. Make holes in the shower cap, and take out the hair strands which you want to color. Then, apply the henna paste to it and leave it for 3-4 hours. Then, wash the hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner. This technique gives a long-lasting hair color.
  • Kool-Aid:
    You can also consider using Kool-Aid to dye hair for colored hairstyles for kids in wonderful bright colors. Kool-Aid drinks are available in many funky colors, and you can pick a few packets of it to make hair coloring. Mix the contents of the unsweetened packet of Kool-Aid in a bowl and add half a cup of mayonnaise in it. 
Then, add a tablespoon of white vinegar and mix everything well. Apply the mix of Kool-Aid color on the hair strand. Take care not to let the solution touch the scalp. Apply the dye with a hair brush, then let it sit for an hour. Rinse the hair with water, and you will have colored hair highlights.

It is not necessary to go for highlights to make hair look different, as there are many other ways to make the child's hair look colorful. You can use hair beads, twists, or hair wraps to make your kid's hair look unique.