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Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Want to know suitable hair highlights for dark brown hair? Here are some ideas and tips for the same.
Rutuja Jathar
Plain and dark brown hair start frustrating the bearer after some time and hence he/she starts to look for something exciting and funky to try out or experiment. These funky things include different attractive haircuts and hair coloring ideas.
However, rather than a complete transformation from brown to other hair color, hair highlighting is a great, affordable, and suitable option for the people with light or dark brown hair.
Choosing hair highlights for dark brown hair color is not an easy task, since you need to remove the natural color pigment of the hair.
Misapplication of this artificial hair color may cost you the original glory of your mane and leave you with any of the transitional color shades from black, brown, red, orange, yellow to white. This is the reason why you need to be aware about the proper hair highlighting methods, as well as colors, when it comes to dark hair colors.

Present Trends

Dark brown hair color is indeed beautiful but you can enhance the original look with several different hair colors. When it comes to highlights for brown hair, then the first thing that you need to consider is the color shade that suits your complexion and eye color the best.
You also need to decide whether you want subtle, light, or loud highlights for your type of hair, and then act accordingly. Here are a few suggestions that might prove useful.

Subtle Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

If you wish to have subtle red highlights, then make sure that you opt for red color tones such as auburn or dark red color, especially when you want to create depth.
You can also opt for copper red, berry red, bright red, plum, mahogany, etc., to get brown hair with red highlights. However, make sure that the hair highlight types that you choose are well placed and suitable to your haircut and hair type.
You can opt for face framing red highlights if you have a layered haircut or fringes. You can also opt for sliced red-colored highlights all over your mane, to get a unique and attractive look. These are the best highlights for men as well.

Chunky Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

You can opt for chunky highlights with different brown hair shades that add depth and texture to the dark brown hair. The best colors to add chunky highlights are ash brown and chestnut brown.
You can opt for highlights as well as lowlights at the same time, or you can also get a tricolor effect with your dark brown hair. If you have a problem of gray hair, then opt for caramel chunky highlights and cover the graying mane.
You can also combine chestnut brown hair, deep chocolate brown hair, and dark golden light brown hair with caramel highlights. However, if you bear cooler skin tones then avoid such chunky highlights.

Blonde Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

If you want to opt for blonde highlights in brown hair, then light-most brown, chestnut blonde, copper blonde, and platinum blonde hair color highlights are the best choice.
Honey blonde highlights are often suggested to look great on dark brown hair. Make sure that the highlights are well placed and don't look out of proportion with your overall hair color. However, while opting for light as well as loud highlights, make sure that you get it done by a professional.
He/she will probably bleach the hair with foil hair highlighting technique, which will give you stunningly highlighted hair in no time.
Always get needle streaks of blonde colors and avoid broader streaks to enhance your appearance even more. Getting blonde highlights for dark hair colors is often cited to be too jarring, as far as proper hair care is concerned.
If you are not confident about adding hair highlights for your dark brown hair, then make it a point to get it done by a professional. All that you need to do is to get a picture of the desired highlights while visiting the hair care salon.
Once you get the highlights done, you need to take maximum care of your hair, which includes oil massage and using color-preserving hair care products.