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A List of Hair Highlighting Techniques

Mamta Mule
Planning to get some highlights in your hair? Read about the various hair highlighting techniques and decide to have one that you find most interesting and suitable for your hair.
Highlights are something that instantly spruce up your locks without even shortening the hair length. A trendy haircut along with those highlights will definitely give you an extremely stunning look.
For some, hair color highlights just means those random stripes in hair done with a color other than the color of your hair. There are various hair highlighting techniques that you can experiment.

Highlighting Techniques

Basic Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are basically the same where a weave of hair is colored so as to make it look darker or lighter. When a light shade is used in dark hair, it's known as highlighting and when a darker shade is used in light hair, it's called lowlight.
The thinner the strands of highlighter hair, the more natural the look will be. Now let's check out the various ways of highlighting or lowlighting hair.

Block Color

This is something that most of us do at home. This means coloring entire length of hair with a single color. From roots to ends, you will apply the same shade. While some might think that it would look boring, believe me the right shade can give you a pretty look.

Hair Painting

Hair painting is an easy procedure of highlighting hair and it is commonly done at home. All you need is a painting brush and a comb to finish this task.
Once you have a hair wash with proper conditioning, you can get on to brighten your locks. Just get the hair color kit and follow the instructions. You can check the color results by just coloring a single strand at first.

Foil Highlighting

This is becoming much popular these days and is most commonly used in beauty salons. In this method, foils are used to separate and wrap the colored strands. So this ensures that rest of the hair doesn't get this color for the perfect highlights.


It gives an really fashionable look that is unmatchable to any other technique. This style includes coloring strands underneath the top layer of hair. One of the tips for this is to work on thin strands. Thin highlights look awesome when you part hair and leave them free.


This is one of the techniques where many sections of your hair are highlighted. In this style basically broader strands are highlighted.
Well, this gives you an option of having multicolored strand. You can either opt to have such chunky highlights in your entire hair or just for your fringes.

Frosted Tips

Frosted tips give you a funky look. Also known as dip-dyeing, this method includes highlighting only the ends of your hair. Usually 1 - 2 inches or more inches in case of long hair are colored with vibrant shades. You can choose to get a subtle look or a dramatic look by choosing one of the various hair color shades.


Paneling is sure to give you a trendy look. In this method, layers of hair are colored in various shades and each one is secured using the foils. This idea gives a superb and extremely dramatic look to your hair. It is one of the best ideas, if you are planning to go for a party.
Knowing these will help you decide which style to go for, before you hit the hair salon. Get that flashy color in your hair and don the best highlighted hairstyle this season.