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Hair Growth Tips for Women

Marian K
The growth of hair depends on many factors such as diet, weather, age, living habits, and overall health. The following story provides information about the various tips to improve hair health and minimize damage to hair.
Hair growth in many women is very slow and this is a constant cause of distress. However, if your hair growth is generally slow, and you are looking for ways to encourage its growth and improve its health, then this article provides some tips for you. The average growth rate for hair is 6'' every year, most of which takes place in the summer.
There is no magic remedy to get long hair instantly, and maintaining long healthy hair takes time and commitment. Another point to keep in mind is that, not all kinds of hair can be grown very long and therefore, if you have fine, thin, or damaged hair, it is advisable to keep it at medium length.


Among the various tips for long and healthy hair, one factor that affects both body and hair the most is water intake. To keep your hair healthy and encourage its growth, drink sufficient amount of water. Dehydration makes hair dull, dry, and brittle, which will consequently cause it to break easily and therefore, lead to hair loss.
Drink at least eight glasses of water every day, for glowing, beautiful skin and hair. With proper hair care, you can encourage your hair to grow faster and also reduce the occurrence of split ends.


As hair is basically a type of protein filament, it is needless to say that a protein-rich diet will encourage hair growth. At the same time, certain foods like saturated fat can slow down natural hair growth. Foods that must be included in your diet are eggs, yogurt, almonds, cashews, and milk, as they have a high-protein and low-fat content.
However, a balanced diet is more important than a protein-rich, as vitamin and mineral deficiencies adversely affect scalp and hair health. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as the minerals, zinc, and iron, which are found mainly in beef, spinach, yogurt, and fish are all necessary to promote growth of hair.


Exercise improves blood circulation through the entire body, including the scalp. This translates into your scalp and hair follicles receiving more blood and nutrients, which helps in healthy growth of hair. If you are unable to keep up a daily exercise routine, you may mimic the effect of exercise by gently massaging your scalp to improve blood circulation.

Hair Growth Tips for African-American Women

There is no denying that African-American women have a tough time managing their hair because of its texture. Excessive hair treatments and use of hair-styling products just adds to the problem. Apart from the aforementioned tips, there are certain other things that should also be kept in mind:
  • Avoid the use of traditional petroleum-based hair greases and mineral oil-based hair lotions. Instead make use of natural oils, like coconut, olive, or jojoba oil. Many have found shea butter to be effective too. Check for good quality, over-the-counter natural moisturizing products meant for African-American women.
  • Try to shampoo your hair twice a week and use a shampoo and conditioner meant especially for African-American hair. Ideally, use a leave-in conditioner.
Apart from the aforementioned measures, sufficient sleep (eight hours), regular trims (once in two months at least), and haircuts, are very important for healthy hair. While you may hate trimming your hair if it grows slowly, it is an important step to keep your hair healthy.
A few other tips include minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and styling tools such as hair straighteners, hair dryers, and hot rollers as they damage the hair. Cover the hair while going out in sun, and massage your scalp regularly for maximum benefits.