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Hair Frosting

If you are not interested in complete hair coloring, hair frosting is a better option. Go through this story for some information about this method.
Sonia Nair
Frosting is a hair coloring technique that accentuates the natural highlights of the hair. In this method, small groups of hair are colored, allowing others to retain their natural color. Coloring is done in such a way that the light hair blends with the dark ones naturally.
So, frosting involves coloring of individual strands or hair tips. When done on hair tips, the method is known as tipping. This method of hair coloring creates a salt and pepper finish to the hair. It is always better to get it done at a salon.

Frosting Hair Ideas

Tipping is a popular hair frosting style, especially in young men; and those with short or layered haircuts. In case of tipping, only the hair tips are colored, so as to create a dramatic effect. Another method is to create frosted layers.
This is done by frosting layers of hair, thereby producing a stunning contrast between the frosted layers and the natural hair. This method is best suited for short haircuts or layered hair of medium length.
You can also go for frosted highlights. Reverse frosting is another method, which is best for those with light-colored hair. In reverse frosting, small parts of hair are colored with darker shades. In this case, shades that are closer to the natural hair color are selected. This gives a more natural look to the hair.
For frosted highlights, you need a hair frosting cap with holes, a pulling needle, a frosting brush and a frosting solution. The pulling needle is a long and thin tool with a hook on one end. It resembles a crochet needle, and is meant for pulling out hair strands through the holes on the cap.
Even the frosting caps come in different patterns of holes and color codes, according to the desired effect. The cap has to be secured tightly around the head. Use the pulling needle to take out strands of hair through the holes.
Apply the frosting solution on individual hair strands. It takes around 30 to 50 minutes for the hair strands to achieve the desired color. Check the hair strands every now and then. When the hair strands reach the desired color, rinse the hair with the cap on. Once done, remove the cap, shampoo the hair and apply a conditioner.
Nowadays, hair frosting kits are easily available in stores, and you may follow the manufacturer's instructions for using them properly. However, it is always advisable to get it done from a salon.