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Hair Extensions for African-American Women

Kritika Parwani
Just like braiding, hair extensions for have also become a major trend, especially among the African-American.
All women, no matter what age, love long lustrous locks. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally beautiful, long hair. With the advancement in the beauty industry, there are a lot of ways by which you can get those beautiful locks. A popular way is, by using hair extensions.
Hair extensions can take you from short hair to long hair in an instant, and give your hair more volume. You can opt for curly or straight hair, and the best part is, that they are great to hide damaged hair.
African-American hairstyles are famous as they always make a statement. However, the texture of their hair is very different than others, and needs special care. Often, women get their hair chemically straightened, however, if repeated regularly, it can result in major damage to the hair.
Hair extensions can offer a dramatic new look. They have recently gained popularity because of the infinite number of celebrities who use them. They were a major fashion trend in the 80s. The only difference was, at that time extensions was not something to be publicized, and now it has become a fashion statement.
Weaving: A popular method of getting hair extensions, is by weaving. In this method, cornrow braid styles are braided near the scalp, and the extensions are sewn onto them. This method is ideal for black hair which have been chemically relaxed and needs to be grown out, as the natural hair is braided underneath.
Braiding: Also commonly known as cornrows or French braids, in this method, tiny strands of hair extensions are braided into your hair. Hair braiding is a common method used for hair extensions.
Bonding: This is the easiest method which is used on wefts of extension hair. The weft is stuck to the root of your hair with a special glue. This method is temporary and the best part is that the hair extension removal is very easy, as it is done with a special glue remover.
Fusion: This is an expensive method, in which a special hair glue gun is used to attach the extensions into your hair. This method can take you from a short crop to long hair in around 12-16 hours.

Tips for Hair Extensions Care

No matter what method you choose for getting your African-American hair extensions, you have to take basic hair care to maintain them. Here are a few important tips on taking care of your extensions.
Do not shampoo for two days after getting the extension. Always wash hair with your head back, not tilted forward, and never dry with a scrubbing action. Instead wrap the hair in a towel. Dry the bonds carefully to prevent their breakdown.
  • Brush the hair at least three times a day with a brush of lopsided bristles. While sleeping, it is best to tie your hair to avoid tangles.
  • Do not use curling tongs or hair straighteners on the bond attachment.
  • Always remember that seawater and pools with chlorine can break down the bonds and glues.