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Do-It-Yourself Hair Extensions

Parul Solanki
With the popularity of hair extensions on the rise, many people are opting to attach artificial hair rather than go through the hassles of growing long hair. While extensions are usually applied by the stylists, the hair extensions do-it-yourself methods have become equally popular. Read on to know more about DIY hair extensions for gorgeous looking hair.
Hair extensions seem to be the rage of the season. Everyone, from the girl next door to the top Hollywood celebrities, use special hair extensions as an alternative to growing their hair. Used properly, they can enhance your look greatly. However, not everybody can afford to have their hair extensions professionally glued or sewed in. For those opting to go for the DIY hair extensions, there are a host of things to keep in mind.

Choosing Hair Extensions

While choosing the hair extensions, you need to know that they come in a variety of colors, length, texture, and style. You also need to decide whether you want lengths of natural hair or synthetic hair to be affixed.
While the natural or human hair extensions are more expensive because they can be colored, set, curled, or treated, synthetic hair will melt if exposed to the high temperatures of a curling iron or a hot blow dryer.
Most of the DIY hair extension kits use synthetic hair extenders which are available widely at major department stores. Along with this, these hair extensions are available in a wide variety of colors.
So other than the traditional black, brown, and blonde colors, check out the extensions in pink, green, orange, and even blue! In addition, there are many different types of hair extensions available today, such as the clip-in hair extensions, straight hair extensions, or the curly hair extensions.

Applying Hair Extensions

For those who are wondering as to how to apply hair extensions on their own, it is vital to keep in mind that there are several ways to add artificial hair to your own. You can apply hair extensions using any of these hair extension techniques:

Fusion or Pre-Tipped Hair

This hair extension technique uses a process where strand by strand hair is taken in small sections. You can now use heated adhesive sticks and glue gun (made for hair extensions) to add the extension hair directly to your own hair. The strands of hair can be bought already cut, weft removed, and pre-tipped with adhesive. Using a purging tool to warm the adhesive, apply the hair extensions to your hair.


Hair extension weaving is usually used to create cornrow braid styles or tracks around the head and close to the scalp. In this process, the wefted hair extensions are sewn on to the tracks with your own hair placed over the tracks, for a natural look.


One of the easiest methods of applying hair extensions is to use the bonding technique. In this process, a bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the extension hair and then applied at the root of your hair. However, this is a temporary method of applying hair extensions.


Clips-ins are the easiest do-it-yourself hair extensions available. In fact, it is quite easy to clip these, in and out yourself. They are the safest way to add length, volume, or color to your hair, without causing damage to your own hair and are a great alternative to permanent extensions.


This method of applying hair extensions is safer and healthier for your hair as there is no glue, no heat, and no remover that can cause damage to the hair. The mini links method uses small circular link to pull the hair through it, in small pieces (the tool used for this looks like a crochet hook).
Then the pre-tipped hair is put inside the link and is squeezed tight. To remove the links, use pinchers. You can apply hair extensions by making a row of links and sewing in the extensions to the links. They are also used to make a circle and sew down a hairpiece or to hold down wigs.

Tape-on and Seamless

This is hot new method of DIY hair extensions uses wefted hair that is made from a polyurethane, thin, flat strip. This is already pre-taped with a stick on double-sided tape. For applying the hair extension, just pull the backing off and apply to the hair. The best part of this method is that it is easy to do these extensions yourself and it lasts 1-5 days. In addition, they are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply.
Artificial hair integration is the simplest way of getting gorgeous long hair. However, make sure that you do your homework before going in for any style, to avoid damaging your hair. The best course of action for an inexperienced person is to consult a licensed cosmetologist, to zero down on the best style for you.