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Classy Hair Dye Styles

Mamta Mule
If you are thinking about adding a trendy touch to your hair, then here are some classy hair dye styles for you. Choose one of these and have them styled the way you like.
Hair dye is an easy way to look modish. While you are planning to enhance your look, there might be a lot of confusion in your mind. Most probably, "what are the different styles I can opt for," would be a question. So, read on to know more.

Full Color

Full color is perfect for short or long hair. It can suit any hairstyle; Consider the skin tone and natural hair color before you opt for it. To have a cool look, you must see that it is not more than three shades darker or lighter than the natural hair color.
If you don't follow this, the new style might make you look extremely different, and most of the time, odd.So, do not opt for extreme shades like a blonde look when you have natural black hair. Even getting a redhead in this case is sure to look odd.
You can go on gradually changing the shades to lighter or darker tones. Entire hair colored in light brown, golden brown, or burgundy color will give you an awesome look.


Highlights are best suited for dark hair colors. Highlighting means adding light color to a few strands of your hair. Getting the front bangs that fall on your face highlighted is one of the popular styles.
Highlighting styles in general include single-colored or double-colored highlights. Any hairstyle can be perked up with them.
The popular colors for this purpose are platinum, blonde, and light golden brown. You can opt for bright red or pink to have a bold look. These can make a simple mane look stylish instantly.

Frosted Tips

This is usually opted by those having short hair. Frosted tips mean having dark-colored hair, with only the tips colored with light shades. Though this looks best with short hair, those with long ones can also opt for this style.


Getting a streak also gives you a trendy look, instantly. Here, a single hair section or strand, colored with a totally different color from root to tips. The extreme shades like blue on blonde or blonde on black can be chosen in this style. So, if you want to add that blonde or any odd color to your hair without looking weird, then get them streaked.


This is another style that can give you a classy look. Lowlights mean coloring a few strands of your hair with a darker shade or color, other than that of your natural hair color. Those with naturally light color must opt for lowlights, instead of highlights. You can try red lowlights on blonde or black ones on blonde.
These are some different styles that look simply awesome. You might have definitely decided which one to opt for. So, just find out the right color to suit your complexion, natural hair, and the dye style, and get it done to look stunning.