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Hair Dye Stripping

Pragya T
Many times it happens that the hair color you desired turned out to look something undesirable. There are many ways to get back to your original or a better hair color, and one of this is hair dye stripping.
Hair coloring is something that most people at least once in their life will try. For those who like to color their hair there are many options. You can choose a hair color shade of your choice, then go to a salon and get that color in your hair. Highlighting hair, lowlighting hair or completely dyeing the hair is a common practice.
But, sometimes it happens that the effect of dyed hair you expected turned out to be something different. Instead, you have dyed hair which looks unattractive and all you can think of is getting rid of it! However, many times the stylist or your friends will tell you that the color actually looks nice on you.
But, what matters is that you feel that the color doesn't suit you and only makes you look weird! Well, if you are all set on getting rid of the dye then one way to do is using 'color correction'. Color correction process is also known as stripping hair color. Let us look at this in detail.

What is Hair Dye Stripping?

It is a process of stripping down the hair dye which you find undesirable. In this process the stylist will use certain chemicals which make the hair more porous. Making hair more porous helps to pull out the hair dye. As the hair becomes more porous, another new hair dye is overlaid.
A stylist performs this procedure with care, because sometimes a base hair color with a new hair dye can react and give an undesirable shade of hair color like green. Hence, after stripping the hair dye, the stylist will first change the base color and then apply a hair color shade you desire.


Hair dye is a good idea as a last resort or last minute option. If you feel that the hair color dye job has gone really bad, and you need to immediately change the hair color because you have an important meeting or program to attend to, then hair dye stripping can help you get a more natural looking hair color.
Also, if your hair health is good and you have healthy hair, then chances are that your hair will respond nicely to dye stripping and results will be worth it.


This process involves use of harsh chemicals. Allowing these chemicals to make the hair more porous and then again dyeing them means exposing them to harsh chemicals over and over again. This will only result in hair damage.
This can make your hair very dry and brittle, and in some cases they will start to fall. Hence, a safe way is to go for some home remedies to lighten the hair dye so it looks more natural in your hair.

Safer Alternatives to Hair Stripping

The first thing you need to do to get rid of the hair dye is wash it off with a clarifying shampoo. Saturate it with shampoo and keep it for 10 minutes, then wash off the hair and squeeze out the hair dye as much as you can.
If you want to try a stronger option then use dish washing liquid on your hair. You can also apply loads of warm olive oil on the hair. This will make the hair porous and allow the dye to come out. Keep the oil for few hours and then wash your hair. Repeat if necessary.
If you feel that your hair color job has gone horribly wrong then consider some home remedies to bring down the intensity of the dye. As these remedies are far safer and milder than salon hair stripping treatments.
However, if you have tried the remedies and still feel that they are not helping then consider going for hair stripping. Make sure that you deep condition your hair after the treatments regularly, to keep hair in a good condition and prevent them from falling out.