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Hair Dye Colors

Buzzle Staff
Coloring one's hair has evolved over the years, where the hippies knew exactly what they were doing when they dyed their tresses in crazy, hip hues. Let's take a look at how color can be incorporated into one's hair, using all sorts of techniques to produce a result that is nothing short of spectacular.
Word of Advice
Choose a hair color that complements the color of your skin; warm skin tones pair well with medium-light/deep hair dyes, where cool skin tones do well with bright/deep colors. A professional hairstylist will know how to determine this better.
Hair color was once looked upon as a dangerous method of introducing healthy or already damaged hair, to chemicals that were harsh and questionable in nature. Today, we have all sorts of safe alternatives that one can turn to, where consumer-conscious companies now strive to manufacture quality products.
Salons, drugstores, and malls, are stocked to the ceiling with all kinds of hair-dye brands that promise to give your hair not just shine, bounce, and an envious texture, but lasting color.
So how would you know how to select the right color brand, without regretting it post rinse? It all comes down to the company, where trusty brands should be your go-to selection. If unsure, do a little research online before making up your mind.
Look for results like the, 'top hair color brands', or 'safest hair color brands', to find a company that best suits your needs.
Today, companies have steered clear from using ammonia (and other damaging chemicals) in their coloring mixes, after concerned voices were raised about their alarming/possible effects. Not to worry, one quick look over the ingredient list will help you make a choice you won't later regret.

Types of Hair Dye Colors

There are a variety of colors and their umpteen shades, where it's hard to pin down exactly which color would best suit one's hair. Remember, your skin tone plays a huge role in determining which color is appropriate for you.
Visit a professional salon or try on a couple of colored-hair wigs to receive valuable insight about the right color.

The lighter your skin tone, the brighter/darker the hair color, but the darker your skin tone, the lighter the hair color.
Ideally, this is how one should go about choosing a hair dye color, unless of course you are confident enough to carry off any color. It's all about how you carry and maintain yourself.

Perky Blonds

Ash Blond
Dirty Blond
Blonde-Black (Red-Tinged)
Platinum Blond (Black Roots)
Classic Dirty Blond
Platinum Blond (Pink-Tinged)
Blond is an attractive hair color for women, especially when mixed with visible sections of black and brown, like seen in dirty blond tresses. They add a sort of dimension that allows you to play with layered or shaggy hairdos.
Since the color blond is a light shade, those that have smooth, manageable hair, should give this the thumbs-up. But, if hair is tangled, usually messy, or coarse, blond may not be what you're looking for because it can make hair look straw-like, while highlighting dryness in a most unattractive way.
Follow a haircare regimen and a diet rich in foods that provide hair with vital nutrients, that keep it healthy.

Sultry Blacks (Use as a base color/or for a complete makeover)

Pink Highlights (Black Base)
Black (Purple-Tinged)
Jet Black Hair
Dip Dyed/ Highlights
Jet black hair dye works great for women who are born with fiery red or blond hair (not platinum/light, more like ash/dirty blond), since the contrast against one's skin can be extremely eye-catching, no matter what the skin tone.
The only downside that comes in if you opt for black, is that if your actual hair color is a bright shade of blond, brown, or red, the contrast between the roots and the hair dye, will look terrible as new hair starts to grow.
Constant touch-ups aren't a recommended habit to indulge in, since that can ruin hair over time. Go instead with subtle highlights, or color just the ends of your hair strands (like the famous singer, Berlin), aka dip dyeing. Those with extremely dark hair, can opt for a total makeover.

Ravishing Reds

Bright Red
Fiery Red

Orange Red
Redheads. You have to admit, they have the sort of hair color that makes men go weak in the knees. Natural red hair is stunning to look at, where many of us would love to showoff the same colored tresses, maybe even in a wilder shade of red.
Orange-red or red with a tinge of brown/black, creates a lovely contrast that allows light to reflect the best parts of your hairdo.

It works great for those with wavy, curly, or straight hair, where women with afro-style hair should ideally mix a little brown or gold dye, to give it a warm yet striking finish.
Highlighting sections of hair with shades of red is also a great alternative, especially for those who have naturally brown/black hair. Fiery reds should ideally be avoided if your skin tone is medium-light or dusky, since it works better for the extremely fair-skinned.

Foxy Browns

Brown and Gold
Chocolate Brown
Classic Brown (Blond-Tinged)
Brown is by far the most versatile color when it comes to hair color - anyone can opt for this one, in all its varying shades. Because it is a complementary shade to warm and light skin tones, it can even be paired with one or more hair colors for something a little more interesting.
Gold, red, and blond, work well for naturally brown hair, or for those who want to mix and match hues with brown hair dye for an interesting, praiseworthy finish.

Bold and Untamed Shades

Purple (Black Base)
Yellowish Blond
Multicolored (Orange Base)
Pink Highlights (Black Base)
Multicolored (Pink Base)
Shades of Violet (Scattered)
There aren't many women that you would personally know, that can truly carry off a wild hair color. Purples, blues, greens, pinks - these are the sort of colors that many of us would never try out, for fear of looking like someone that works for the circus. But there's actually nothing to fear when it comes to these animated hair colors, that you'd probably only see in Tim Burton's movies.
All you need is the sort of personality that reflects and amplifies your sense of style, where your hair will naturally follow in pursuit. Tempted to give it a go? Then your hair should ideally be smooth and not frizzy, minimally styled to avoid causing damage, and constantly pampered with a good quality serum and conditioner.
Visiting the salon would have to be an absolute necessity if you want to sport this sort of hair color. To really make it stand out, choose a hairstyle that is short/shoulder-length, fun, and easy to manage; not long and left to run amok.
Hair must not be neglected whether it is colored or not, where the former sort of tresses need more care and attention.
Remember to oil hair before every wash (colored hair tends to turn dry and brittle - trusty household oils like coconut and almond, should do the trick), deep condition, use hair care product for colored hair, style hair using trusted products, minimize blow drying time, and eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids , including vitamins C, D, and E.