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How to Use a Hair Diffuser

By evenly distributing heat in your hair, a hair diffuser is a boon for women with hair textures, lengths, and styles. Read on to know how to use one in order to get properly managed hair.
Sheetal Mandora
Although a hair diffuser can be used on any hair type, it is quite ideal for those who have dry, frizzy hair. In order to maintain the gentle waves in your hair, this tool comes in handy.

How to Use a Diffuser?

This fantastic appliance has the ability to diffuse the heat that comes through the hair dryer. By doing so, the actual process of drying your hair will be slow, but the heat won't be that harsh. It helps in drying hair at a low temperature, which in turn keeps your hair free from any damage.
• Part your hair straight down the middle, and work on each side at a time.
• Turn the diffuser on, and collect a section of your hair from the bottom.
• Go all the way to the roots, and move the diffuser in circular motion.
• Don't keep the setting at high; set it at the lowest speed.
• Hold it at a 90º angle from your scalp. This will help lift the roots farther from the scalp.
• This technique adds volume to your hair (if it requires it; people with naturally curly hair―don't try this).
• Once the first section is done, go to the next section.

What Does Diffuser Mean

These are attachments for your regular hair dryer. There are three different types of attachments that go on a hair dryer―a diffuser, an airflow concentrator, and a comb nozzle. Out of these three attachments, the diffuser is the best attachment that can facilitate curly hair. Plus, it can be used on fine and permed hair along with color-treated hair.
The hair diffuser attachment is different from the airflow concentrator (it concentrates the heat from the dryer on a particular part of hair) and the comb nozzle (similar to the air concentrator; it has teeth like your comb which can dry hair without the need of a comb). As you can see, the diffuser is in fact the best hair dryer attachment for your hair.
Using a hair diffuser can help you manage hair properly, avoid any damage from heat, and give you the right hairstyle that you want. Hope that this was the information you were searching for. Until next time, take care of your hair and yourself.