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Hair Cutting Techniques

Pragya T
This story describes the various hair cutting techniques and styles, that are available for your perusal.
There are different ways of cutting hair. However, some techniques which involve using a sharp blade like the razor are better left to professionals. But, some simple snipping and trimming can be easily done at home.
Described below are the different hair cutting methods, which need basic things like two mirrors, a good pair of scissors, some hair clamps, a good comb, and a water bottle with a spray nozzle.

» Basic Trimming

Learning how to trim your own hair, is fairly easy. If you wish to just trim your hair, or get a plain classic bob then use this basic method. Comb your damp hair straight down, and part it in the center. Now taking a body part as a reference for measurement, start trimming your hair.
For example if you wish to trim your hair till your chin, then take your chin as a measurement. Make sure you work in a straight line, and use a back mirror to cut the hair at the back accurately.

» Common Layers

The common method used to give the layered effect to the hair, is done by parting the damp hair in the center. According to the length one wants, the hair is snipped off by holding sections of the hair, and working all the way till the bottom section.
Then the hair on the other side of parting is cut in a similar fashion. Accompany your layered hairstyles with bangs, to give it a more stylish look.

» Easy Layers

This method is not great when you want to go for deep layers, but is very easy and can be done by beginners. It works well on people with hair length, which reaches their shoulders or below. To use this technique, sit on a chair and bend over, until the top of your head is facing the floor.
Comb your damp hair straight down, and then cut your hair in a perfect straight line, from left to right. People with thick hair might need more than one cut. Then sit straight in your chair, part your hair in the center to check the layered effect.

» Razor Technique

This method is a little more advanced, but a very popular one, as it gives a stylish wispy effect to the ends of the hair. It also softens the hairstyle, and gives a cool look. A special razor tool is used to create this effect. The stylist runs the razor tool through the hair, and it snips off the edges nicely to give a wispy effect.

» Adding Bangs and Fringes

For a blunt fringe, just take the front section of your hair, and cut in a straight line, just above the eyebrow line.
For a normal fringe, you will need to snip off some hair strands to give it a soft look. To go for some side sweeping bangs, cut the front section of hair until it reaches a length that measures up to the middle of the nose length. Part your hair sideways, and snip off the edges on both sides of hair.

» Graduating Cut Technique

This is another haircut, which is better left to professionals. In this technique, the hair is combed straight down. Then using the length of the outside line as a guide, the hair is held away from the head, and then the bulk hair is trimmed out from the outside lines.

» Using Clippers

Clippers are used for close cuts like buzzed style haircuts. Set the blades on the clipper at the length you wish to achieve with your cut. Then run the clipper on the areas of the head where you wish to have the close cut effect.
Practice with the basic techniques and as you gain more experience, your haircuts will be finer. So, use the above methods to cut hair in various styles, and enjoy different hairdos.