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Hair Color Chart for Your Skin Tone

Tulika Nair
Is choosing the right hair color becoming a task from hell for you? The hair color charts given in this article will help you learn how to choose hair colors which look great on you.
Do all your trips to the beauty salon end up as disasters with your hair looking like it belongs to someone else? Maybe one of the reasons for your continued trauma is choosing the wrong hair color. It is easy to get carried away because of the celebrity inspired hair color ideas.
Choosing the best hair color for your skin tone can be quite a task especially if you are unsure of what category your skin tone falls into; warm or cool. Understanding this concept and studying what are the different hair colors that suit your skin tone is helpful.
Given below are the color charts that will help you in choosing hair colors that match your skin tone.

Choosing Hair Colors

So how does a person find out whether their skin tone is warm or cool? Well, the easiest way to do so is to use gold and silver jewelry to figure out your skin tone. Place both pieces of jewelry and check which of them is more prominent.
If it is gold jewelry that stands out, then your skin tone is warm and if it is the silver jewelry that is more prominent, then your skin tone falls in the cool category. Another method is to check the color of your veins. If it has a greenish tinge, then you have a warm skin tone and if you have a bluish tinge to it, then your skin tone is cool.
While choosing a hair color based on the skin tone, it is most important to determine if you have a warm skin tone; the best hair colors for warm skin tone would be shades of copper, cinnamon, ginger, strawberry, etc.
Also shades of red like burgundy, auburn, etc. look good on warm skin tones if you are trying to choose a hair color to match your skin tone . If you have a cool skin tone, then the best hair colors you can choose from are burgundy, ruby, garnet, cherry, wheat, honey, and taupe.

Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Now that you know what things to keep in mind in order to choose the right hair color you can take a look at the hair color options given below that match your skin tone with yor hair color. This will make the process of choosing the right hair color much easier for you.

It is always advisable to consult your hair stylist who will be able to match your skin tone and eye color with the right hair color. The right hair color for you will also depend on the texture of your hair and the kind of highlights and lowlights that your stylist and you decide on.

Light Skin Tone

The colors that will look good on this skin tone are those which have an ash tinge to them. Try browns and blonde hair colors that have warm tones. You could also opt for champagne, platinum, sandy, butterfly and dark blonde hair colors. Avoid shades of red and very dark browns as it will make your face look drained of any color.

Fair Skin Tone

Hair colors that will look good on this skin tone are warmer shades of red, golden blonde, caramel, copper and red brown. Brown hair color with a tinge of ginger and red also looks gorgeous on this skin tone. But avoid using tones of ash.

Medium or Neutral Skin Tone

Women with this skin tone can carry off several shades of hair color. Ash tones, reds, caramel, auburn, frosty blondes, browns, and mahogany all look good on them. But they should avoid  vibrant shades and gold toned hair color.

Olive Skin Tone

People with this skin tone are truly blessed as they can carry off almost any shade of hair color. Hair colors like blue black, red burgundy, caramel, dark coffee brown, ginger look mesmerising on this skin tone. The only shade that may not look good on them are hair color shades in tones of ash.

Tan Brown Skin Tone

Natural tones that are close their original hair color look good on women with this skin tone. They can carry off warm tones very well and should opt for dark browns with a reddish tinge, ginger, and red auburn, brunette and black brown hair colors. Blonde hair color generally does not suit women with this skin tone.

Black Brown Skin Tone

Opt for hair colors which are lighter than your skin tone. There are many hair colors that look beautiful on women with a dark skin tone, like copper, reds, burnt reds, hints of gold or honey, burgundy, wine even silver ombre looks amazing. Avoid coloring your hair darker than your skin tone.
From these different options of hair colors you know which hair colors are suitable for the different types of skin tones. You can now decide which hair color suits you the best. With a proper hair care, an amazing hairstyle, and the right hair color, you will be the cynosure of all eyes wherever you go.