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Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Mamta Mule
Want some tips on picking hair colors for cool skin tones? Here's a complete guide for the same.
Hair coloring is amongst all time hit fashion trends. But did you ever wonder if the hair color shade will suit you? Many a time people end up coloring hair in a shade that simply goes wrong with their complexion. Mind well, that a wrong hair color can instantly ruin your looks.
While some pick hair color matching with eye color, some pick those closer to original hair color. But let me tell you that choosing hair color based on skin tone is very essential to get a charming appearance. Here I give you some tips on choosing hair colors for cool skin tones.

What is a Cool Skin Tone?

The term 'cool skin tone' basically refers to a skin type with blue undertones. There are a few easy steps to determine your skin tone. Check the veins on inner side of your hands, especially the upper arm. If these appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. If these are greenish you have a warm skin tone.
You can also recognize your skin tone by holding a white t-shirt under your clean and dry face. If your face reflects blue color, you have a cool skin tone. If it reflects yellow color, you have a warm skin tone.

Hair Color Options for Cool Skin Tone

Those with cool skin tones have advantage of wearing bright and gaudy colors. Those flashy shades look quite well on cool skin tones.
Shades of pink look quite complimenting on this skin tone. Shades of blue, violet, pink etc. are best to be used for makeup.
While picking hair colors, intense brown, blackish red and honey blonde and dark blonde are some of the best options for people who have cool skin tones.
Let me tell you that shades of red look best on those having a cool skin tone as compared to those with warm skin tone. You can also use burgundy, ruby, cherry or garnet for a classy effect.
Hair colors or hair highlights with undertones of blue also look good on cool skin tone. Bluish-violet or darkest violet can be the best picks for you.
Remember that, instead of coloring your hair in single color you must opt for various hair coloring techniques. Techniques like chunking, veiling and twilight can be the best ones to go for which will give your hair a dramatic look.
With shades of ash and dark blonde get ready to give a classic finish to your hair. After adding these shades to hair, you can have a dual tone effect and look splendid.
One of the classic hair styles for cool skin tones, can be a razor haircut with black hair color and violet highlights for the fringes and razor tips.Checking the hair color samples for cool skin tones can help you know how the color looks on your complexion.
You can also check the hair color charts for cool skin tones that are easily available online and then go for the one you like.
Remember that though you use same hair color shade, each brand will give you a different effect. So try using and experimenting the best brands available in the market to find 'your color'. Explore and experiment the best colors for your skin tone and flaunt your stylish tresses!