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Hair Coloring Tips and Techniques

Bidisha Mukherjee
Many of us think that hair coloring at home will be a messy affair. However, trust me, it is not as difficult as you think, provided you use the right techniques. You can learn some hair coloring tips and techniques in this story.
There are many varieties of hair coloring products available in the market. These products make the task of coloring at home easy for you. Hair colors have two different categories. One is the natural hair color: henna, which causes very little damage to the hair, but tends to make the hair dry. The other is the chemical hair color found in varieties like permanent, temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, semi-temporary, etc.
Semi-permanent hair colors treat your hair in the most gentle way, as they do not have any ammonia or peroxide. The color stays on the hair for four to six weeks. So, it is more popular as compared to all other types of hair color. Selecting the right color is the most crucial part of hair coloring.
Though it is a matter of personal preference, a standard advice is that you should choose the hair color which suits your skin tone and the color of your eyes. Once you have chosen the color, choose the right coloring techniques that will enrich your hair coloring.

Hair Coloring Techniques

Shampooing the hair should be done two days before coloring it. This will help the color to bond well with the hair. Shampoo turns your scalp sensitive and will protect your scalp from skin irritation during the process of coloring. After shampooing do not forget to condition your hair well with a deep conditioner. This will make your hair look healthy after hair coloring and also add radiance to them.
Before starting the task of hair coloring at home, carefully read the directions provided by the manufacturers. Follow the instructions regarding the total time the color should be left on hair meticulously. Strand test of the hair color is a must.
Take a small section of the hair, apply color on it and leave for about half an hour to find its coloring effect on your hair. A patch test is also needed on your skin to check if you are allergic to the particular product or not. Do not forget to wear gloves when you apply the color.
Hair colors contain chemicals and may give burning sensation when it comes in contact with the skin.
While applying the hair color, your hair should be dry because wet hair cannot hold the color. If you plan to color all your hair, start applying hair color from the hairline. It could be the area near the neck or the crown.
The hair color is predominant in these portions hence the concentration of the color should be more in these areas. The ends of hair strands are porous, so the color in these parts fades away very quickly. Keep the color on the hair for as long as mentioned in the instructions.
Then, comb the hair once from roots to the ends with the help of a wide toothed comb. Now, rinse thoroughly with water until no color comes with the water. If you do not wash your hair properly, the hair color would spoil your pillows and clothes later. Do not forget to condition your hair once you are done with rinsing.

Tips for Coloring Hair at Home

Some vital tips for home hair coloring are that you need to follow are given below:
  • Wait for at least 24 hours before you shampoo colored hair.
  • Dab some petroleum jelly on the skin of those areas where a stain is likely to appear, like the neck and hairline before you start hair coloring to prevent the stains.
  • If the skin gets stained, just apply lemon juice and stringent to get rid of the stains from the skin.
  • When you are rinsing your colored hair for the first time, do it with lukewarm water.
  • Choose the right shampoo that ensure to keep the color and luster intact.
  • Even if the hair color does not give the effect as expected, do not try to re-color for the next two weeks.
You can use this method to highlight your hair too. After application of hair color, make sure you wrap up the highlighted strands of colored hair with foil. If you follow these hair coloring tips and techniques at home, I am confident that you will get the effect on your hair as you expected. Pregnant woman should consult their doctor before hair coloring, even though there is no such evident that suggest that hair color is harmful for the unborn baby.