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Hair Coloring Ideas for Gray Hair

Dhanya Joy
Hair coloring can be used for effective gray hair coverage, depending upon your skin tone and natural hair color. Here are some ideas to defy your age.
Gray hair is a common problem that is being faced by the old, the middle-aged, as well as the young. This growing concern has forced many men and women to take to various camouflage measures, one of which is hair coloring.
Coloring gray hair is one of the best solutions, and is easy too. It also tends to last longer, and gives better results as compared to dyes and henna coloring. However, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Simple Ideas

When it comes to hair coloring, there is a wide variety of shades that you can choose from. It is advisable that you seek some professional advice, before you finalize the hair color. You must take into consideration your skin tone, natural hair color, and even the color of your eyes.
This is important so that the shade complements you well, and is in sync with the tones of your skin and eyes. Here are some ideas based on the different types of skin tones and hair lengths.

Black Women

Hair color ideas for African-American women would include hair colors and shades like red, burgundy, copper, and even gold for some women. You can also opt to have highlights of two shades of the same color for a better effect.

Fair Skin

Any dark hair color like purple, red, gold, bronze, black, honey blonde, and dark brown complements fair skin. Make sure that the color provides good coverage for your hair. If you are the daring kinds, then you can even go in for greens and pinks.

Olive Skin

People with olive skin tones can experiment with dark as well as light shades. Those with a deep olive skin tone can opt for colors like dark brown or dark blonde, and those with light olive skin tones can opt for shades like burgundy, brown, or blue black.


Blondes looking for gray hair coverage can choose to go for a completely new look by opting for a brunette look, or making use of some dark blonde coloring ideas.
Hair colors like dark or medium brown, black, and red are some of the best shades for blondes. Other colors include shades of gold and copper.


For brunettes, shades of brown like coffee or chestnut, and blonde are the best options that complement their skin tone and natural hair color well. Burgundy or wine may also be suitable for some brunettes.

Long Hair

Coloring long hair is best done with the help of highlights and streaks, so that it does not appear overdone.
Choose your hair color based on the shades that complement your skin tone and haircut. Avoid using more than two shades of a particular color, or else it may appear messy.

Short Hair

Gray hair coverage is done easily on short hair. Short haircuts look the best in shades of gold, bronze, or red. Try experimenting with different shades like mocha brown, honey blonde, or wine.

Dark Hair Color

Dark hair can be difficult to color, especially if it also has a few strands of gray hair. Try sticking to the natural color of the hair or one tone lighter to the natural hair color. It is best to assign the task to a professional.
Hair coloring needs to be done at intervals, depending on the type of hair color that you opt for. You can also color your hair at home, and need not rush to the salon every time you need to hide your grays.