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Beautiful Hair Color Shades You Would Love to Know

Pragya T
Blonde, brown, black, and red are the four categories of hair color shades. Read on, to learn about the various shades of hair colors which belong to these four categories.
Human hair color can be changed by coloring it. Today, there are many permanent and temporary hair dye colors available. If you are thinking of coloring your hair, then it is good to study the hair color wheel before coloring your hair. As the appropriate color for your hair should go with your complexion and eye color.
Human hair gets its color due to two pigments, which are eumelanin and pheomelanin. Hair which have pheomelanin pigment in them get the red color. And presence of eumelanin pigment gives the hair black or brown color.
Lower concentration of eumelanin pigment produces blonde color. Mentioned ahead, are different shades of blonde, brown, and red. Brunette is a term which means dark hair, which can be any shade of brown. A deep shade of brown that looks black can be seen among many Asians.

Blonde Hair Shades

Platinum Blonde

This is the lightest shade of blonde, which looks very close to white. To get this color, one needs to go for hair bleaching first.

Ash Blonde

This is a popular hair color used for coloring hair. Highlights of this shade give a good look. On a darker hair base add lots of skinny highlights of this shade.

Yellowish Blonde

This is slightly darker shade of blonde, when compared with ash blonde hair shades. A hue of yellow is prominent in this shade.

Neutral Blonde Shade

This shade suits people of different complexions, and this is medium dark shade of blonde hair.

Golden Shade

Golden blonde is a warm shade, which is shiny and very attractive. This hair color suits people with warm complexion and highlights of this shade give a sun-kissed look.

Sandy Blonde

People with cooler skin tones can opt for this color. This shade comes close to brown and looks very nice. Skinny streaks of this shade look good on a base of brown hair. If you want to try a blonde shade with a mix of red, then try strawberry-blonde color.

Honey Blonde

This is a great shade to go for when highlighting your hair. If you don't want to go for striking golden blonde shade, but something close then this blonde hair color is a good choice for you.

Brunette Hair Shades

Light Brown

This shade comes close to dark blonde and is good for creating undertones.

Light Ash Brown

This shade is difficult to achieve with artificial coloring. Add streaks of ash blonde color over medium brown hair to get this effect.

Golden Brown

This is a mix of blond and brown shade with the streaks looking shiny. If you have a warm complexion with golden/ pink undertones, then this is a perfect color for you.

Reddish Golden Brown

This is a very rare natural color, but possible to achieve with some dyeing. Dye your hair medium brown and get skinny streaks of blond shade.

Medium Brown Shade

This is a true brunette color, which is a rich shade that is not too light or not to dark brown.

Chestnut Brown

This shade of brown color has a reddish tinge to it. This is in contrast to auburn hair shade.

Milk Chocolate Brown

This is a beautiful-looking hair color shade, which suits people with warm skin. It has a hint of gold chocolate color to it.

Dark Brunette

Dark brunette hair is a deep rich shade of brown, which has a warm hue and gives a dramatic effect to the hair.

Deep Brown Shade

This is the darkest shade of hair, which looks like black. This shade suits people with cool skin tones.

Red Hair Shades

Strawberry Blonde

These shade of red have light red undertones with blonde highlights. This color looks great on people with warm skin tones.

Bright Copper Red

This is a rich strawberry shade, which looks very bright. So, think twice before coloring your hair with this shade.

Dark Copper Red

This is a dark shade of copper color, which looks stunning, so people who like to try something bright should go for this color.

Neutral Copper Shade

If you want to color your hair red, but with a subtle color, then this is a good color. This gives a natural hair color look and is a rich shade, but not overly bright. On a base of warm brown or blonde, hair highlights of neutral copper look great.

Light Auburn

This tone of red is deeper than copper shade and is very rich without being too dark.

Auburn Red

This is another rich shade, but is slightly darker. This color with some brown lowlights looks good.

Dark Auburn

This is a rich shade of auburn red and is darkest of red shades. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, then these are good shades, as your color will fade due to sun exposure.
Given here were the natural-looking hair shades. Many prefer to sport bright funky hair colors like hot pinks, bright greens, electric blue, deep purples, etc.
Make sure you study the compatibility of hair colors with your complexion and eye color as well, as not all shades are right for you and choosing a color based on skin tone is important. But, with a suitable color you can change the way your natural hair looks and enjoy a different look.