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Hair Color Options for Gray Hair

Pragya T
There are many hair color options for gray hair. You can add highlights, lowlights, or completely dye your hair. Also, there are many natural products and other commercial good products that you can use to dye your hair.
Gray hair is something that all of us have to face sooner or later. However, it gets really disturbing when one can see a lot of gray in their hair. A bit of gray is fine and even adds texture to hair. Also, many people for fashion try coloring their hair gray. However, if there's too much of gray, then one just needs to use some hair coloring to conceal it.
There are many hair color ideas for gray hair. So one has many choices to dye their hair. Also, adding highlights or lowlights helps to cover the gray. Let us discuss the various hair color options that suit graying hair.
Avoid too dark or too light shades. As people age, their complexion gets lighter, so have lighter shades to avoid a fake look. Select the best shade to cover gray hair that suits you and your eye color.

Highlighting the Hair

This is really a great solution to make your hair look brighter and cover some of the gray. If you are a natural blonde, then get some ash blonde highlights to add texture and brightness to the hair without making it look fake. Also, for brunettes chestnut shades look great.

Lowlighting the Hair

Lowlights is opposite of highlights. As highlights are added to the hair to make it look brighter. Lowlights are done with a darker shade, so that your natural gray hair becomes the highlight.

Hair Dye

This is the most commonly used method to color gray hair. There are many budget and expensive hair dyes you can buy. Some are demi-permanent and some are permanent. Pick mild ones, good quality ones and follow the instructions on the product to dye your hair.

Natural Hair Dye Options

3 best dyes for gray hair are Henna, Black pepper with Yogurt, Sage and Rosemary.
Henna, a green powder later made into a paste is applied on hair and kept for hours to color the hair red. Black pepper with yogurt is mixed in a certain proportion and then applied to hair. This darkens the hair.
Rosemary and sage are best natural dyes for gray hair. Dry sage is boiled with water and the mixture is applied to hair and then washed off. Rosemary and sage tea is another natural hair color. These herbs are mentioned for everyday use to cover the gray hair.
Adding hair highlights or lowlights gives a beautiful salt and pepper hair look, also with these hair color ideas one doesn't have to frequently color their gray hair. As they last for months, you can cut your hair many times in between. But, if you wish to completely dye your hair, then regular re-applications will be required.
Men need almost daily applications of hair color to mustache and beard.