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Hair Color Options for Dark Hair

Mamta Mule
Planning to add color to your dark tresses? Here are the best ways to beautify your locks with classic hair color shades and styles.
Hair coloring is one of the easiest way to give your locks a nice makeover. With the number of options in colors and shades, coloring hair of any type and any color is not a tough job. All you need to do is find the best suitable shade for your hair, and get the tresses colored in one of the coloring styles.
So if you have dark-colored hair and want to give them a fresh look by adding trendy colors, here's some help for you. Read on the tips on hair color options for dark hair in the next sections.

Hot Highlights

Now highlights are something that you can't miss out while coloring hair. This has been a highly popular style for years, that imparts a trendy touch to a simple hairstyle.
One of the important tips is to choose a color shade that is just one or two shades lighter than your original color. Colors light brown and copper are popular picks for dark brown and black hair. You can try golden brown color for dark brown hair.
Those who want a funky look can choose to opt for flashy colors like blonde, walnut red-brown, mahogany or flame red. Adding highlights for dark hair can be tricky as a wrong pick can ruin the look! You must especially be careful while you choose a flashy shade, and only go for it if you can carry that bold look.

Streaked Bangs

Colored bangs is one of the cool ideas that is sure to impart a voguish touch to your locks. For those who have face framing long bangs, side swept bangs or straight bangs falling on the forehead, this is the thing to go for.
Consider streaking your bangs with deep colors and enjoy the beautiful effect. You can also jazz up the look of dark brown hair by adding streaks of rust or lightest brown color. Needle like streaks are best for bangs instead of the wide streaks. You can also play up rest of your tresses by adding a few thin streaks.

Frosted Tips

If you have dark hair, then this idea is also a must tryout. With frosted tips you get to grace the last 2-3 inches of your hair strands with a suitable color.
Often a color that will blend well with your original hair color is chosen for the task. You can use colors like light brown, bronze brown, copper brown for adding frosted tips to dark hair. Make sure you get this technique done from a professional hair dresser to get the best look.

Multi-tonal Effect

Want to wear a glamorous, but not so flashy look? Well, then just try multi-tonal highlights for your dark hair.
With highlights done using two or three shades of the same color you can give your hair an extremely glamorous look. If colors are not more than a few shades lighter than your original hair color, the effect won't be too flashy. Classy colors like golden brown, brown amber and chestnut-brown can also be used for the same.
Coloring the entire length of hair can be done at home. This is a good way to get a fresh look. Make sure that you use a color that is just a shade lighter than your original dark hair color.
For any other style like streaking, highlights, it is best to get the same done from a hair styling expert. He/she is sure to help you choose the best color for your locks and style of hair, and give them the perfect look. While you have a wide array of hair colors, all you need to do is choose right and get set to flaunt the new look!