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Hair Color Options for Brunettes

Mamta Mule
There are many hair color options for brunettes for a glamorous makeover. Here are some best shades and hair coloring techniques that can beautify your locks. Read on to find out the options and choose the ones which will best suit your hair.
While the term 'brunettes' is referred to brown, it covers an array of hair color shades from light brown, deep brown to darkest blonde and jet black.
Bold blondes and hot redheads might have fun exploring various hair colors, but brunettes definitely get to explore a wider range of hair colors and shades.
So if you are one of those modish brunettes browsing for the next best hair coloring option then here's information about the best shades that can be tried out. There are plenty of hair color options for brunettes and you can choose one to give a soft makeover to your locks.

Color Options

While there is a wide palette of colors that are suitable for brunettes, the choice often depends on the type of look you want to wear. Consider your current hair color while choosing a new hair color shade. It is best to use a shade that is not more than two tones darker or lighter than your current hair color.
Shades that work best for brunettes include light brown, medium ash brown, dark brown, burgundy, medium reddish brown, and deep black.
If you want a bit of a spiced up look, just grab the dark cherry red, rich dark auburn, ginger brown, chestnut, chocolate copper, warm mocha, brown cinnamon, or the stylish, sun-kissed brown.
Golden bronze, light brownish blonde, and light golden brown are other shades that brunettes must tryout. If you want that reddish touch, rich wine, burgundy blush, and soft amber are best picks.
Women searching for the best hair dyeing ideas for brunettes to get a glamorous look can opt for shades of blonde. Honey blonde, chestnut blonde, golden blonde, light golden, ginger blonde, golden walnut, glazed strawberry, and honey ginger are the best options to jazz up their locks.

Hair Coloring Ideas

While you choose one of the aforementioned options, it is essential to opt for the right hair coloring technique as well. Even if you choose the best shade, hair coloring technique is what plays a major role in imparting the ultimate look.
There are various ways to fancify your brown locks with one of the aforementioned hair color shades. Choosing the right technique often depends on your hair style and hair texture. Like highlights work well for straight hair but the technique might not suit those having curly locks. So here are the various options that you can try out.
One of the best ideas is adding flashy highlights to your brown locks. You can go for a complete color coverage and then add thin streaks.
Highlights with blonde, lightest golden brown, honey blonde look extremely beautiful in brown tresses.
While getting the dual tone effect, combos like light golden brown with chocolate brown, honey blonde with brown, medium ash brown with golden blonde, honey blonde with light golden highlights, ash brown with ash blonde highlights work great.
Make sure that you stick to the aforementioned rule of going just a shade or two lighter or darker than the existing hair color while covering entire length of locks with a specific hair color shade. Streaking and multi-tonal highlights work best for brunettes.
Make sure that you take proper care of colored hair. Brown colored hair has a beautiful natural touch, but it might easily look dry and dull.
Colored brown locks can lose that shiny effect much sooner. So it is important to use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner for colored hair and follow a proper hair care routine.
With the wide range of options, brunettes are sure to have fun experimenting with their looks with colored locks!