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Perky Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Madhura Pandit
Hair coloring and highlighting is always fashionable. When it comes to short hair, there are several color ideas that help in making a style statement. Here are some ideas for all types of hair and skin tones.
If you want to have a make-over or are thinking of going for a uber-cool look, coloring your hair is a great option.
With the myriad hair color options, brands, and types of dyes available in the market, it is not difficult to get a make-over. Remember, that along with a haircut, choosing the right hair color is also very important.

Ideas for Short Hair Color

The hair color should match the skin tone and skin color. Skin tones are categorized as warm and cool. Fair skinned people have a cool skin tone whereas dark-skinned people have a warm skin tone.
The basic rule of hair coloring to remember is that colors like olive and brown are meant for warmer tones, whereas blue, white, and rose are the colors for cool skin tones. Here are some hair coloring and highlighting ideas for every type of hair.

For African-Americans

If you wish to have a natural look, try copper color. You can color all of your hair in copper color or simply have lighter streaks complementing the dark color. Deeper shades of red like burgundy or wine, or even golden streaks look good on short hair.

For Dark Skin

Hair colors like mocha brown complement darker skin tone. Daring colors like dark red or dark violet will also suit light, dark as well as olive skin tones. In case of short haircuts, you can streak the ends or bangs with these colors.

For Fair Skin

There are many hair color options, as nearly all colors look good on light hair.
If you have naturally blond hair, try other natural colors like black, brown, or copper. Also, you can try daring colors like pink, red, or violet.
Frosting or semi-permanent dyes of colors like pink or red are some of the most popular hair color ideas for short hair. Honey blond, copper blond, or blond with dark brown streaks also looks cool for fair-skinned and fair-haired people.

For Olive Skin

Colors like burgundy, bordeaux, or shades of brown will complement olive skin tone. Other shades like blue-black, ash brown or coffee colors are also suitable for this skin. People with olive skin should also strictly avoid using bright red or golden colors.

For Brunettes

If you have natural brown color hair, you can color your hair in darker or richer brown color. Other colors like chocolate-brown, caramel, cappuccino, or mocha also look great for brunettes.
If you have shorter hair, use light color at the ends which will help in emphasizing your haircut. If you wish to have a more adventurous look, go for the reddish or plum colors.

Things to Remember

There are a few tips and techniques you must remember before coloring your hair. Firstly, do not color your hair at home without giving it a serious thought. It is better to go to a hair stylist, as he may even advise you about what hair color is suitable for you.
If going to the hair stylist is not possible, then read the instructions before using any hair color at home. It is even better if you use a semi-permanent color, so that you get to experiment with new colors and a new look. But you should be careful in choosing hair products, and it is recommended to use only the best ones and not compromise on the cost.
Certain short hairstyles look best only in suitable colors. Therefore, the next time you are thinking of having a makeover with short hair, these ideas will be helpful to you.