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Fanciful Hair Color Highlights

Bhakti Satalkar
Most of us dream of getting the right hair color. It is not rocket science. If certain steps are followed, you will get an amazing look with the help of highlights.
Very often, we see that people have disastrous results from hair coloring. However, we forget to notice that it is not the highlights that are to be blamed, but the shade. Truth is, in many cases, the shade does not complement the skin tone, resulting in utter disaster.

Steps for best color highlights

Determine The Color

First, determine the color of your hair. Take help from friends, office colleagues, or your partner. Very often it has been noted that men are able to determine the exact color, as they are more objective. If you visit a hairstylist regularly, you can seek his/her advice as well.

Select Color For Highlights

Once the dust has settled on the hair color debate, you can start the process of choosing the right shade for your highlights. Often, people ask which highlights would be most suitable for brown or blond hair, or if it's possible to have highlights with long hairstyles. The answer is to choose a shade which is closer to your natural hair color.
It is advisable to pick a color, which is a couple of shades darker. First, try a shade which is one shade darker, and then if you want, you may go one step further. The other suggestion is to choose colors which tilt towards the red shade.
Never highlight your hair with a shade three or more times lighter than its original color. The slightest change in hair color can change a person's complete appearance.

Colors To Avoid For Specific Skin Tones

People who are pink-toned should avoid colors in red shade, as it might seem as mismatched as can be. People who are yellow-toned should keep off from yellows or orange-based colors, to avoid looking as if they've just returned from one of the Caribbean countries.
The same principle goes for people who are olive-toned, as they are suggested to go for colors in low lights, and to preferably avoid colors close to their skin hue.

Temporary Trial Colors

If you plan to highlight your own hair, you should first try out wash-in/wash-out colors before you actually use permanent ones. This method will ensure that you first experiment with different shades, and then come to a decision, based on the one color, or combination of colors that suit you most.
Hair magazines can be of great help in choosing the right hair color. They usually have the latest hair coloring ideas and fashion trends. These tips will help you chose a shade, which you probably didn't know existed, or may be one you would otherwise shy away from trying.
  • Check the expiry date on the package.
  • You should purchase well-fitting latex gloves to use while coloring your hair. Very often, the gloves which come with the hair color do not fit well.
  • Never wash your hair on the day you want to highlight them. Wash them two days prior. Color should always be applied on dry unwashed hair, unless the directions say otherwise.
  • Always start highlighting from the back to the front.
  • Highlights should be on the uppermost layer of your hair.
  • Last but not the least, always perform a skin test to determine whether you are sensitive to the color. Be sure that you do not have any kind of skin reaction due to the chemicals.
Hair color highlights need maintenance. You will need good hair care, and conditioners are recommended. You should avoid over exposure to the sun. Use hats or scarves to cover your hair.
Use leave-in conditioners, as these contain sunscreen, providing the extra protection required for your hair. Do not use any lightening agents on your hair. Use of lemon can be harmful, and therefore, should be avoided. After some time, you will notice that your highlights have faded away, and require retouching.