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Hair Clarifying Shampoo

Parul Solanki
Hair clarifying shampoos help in deep cleaning your hair while removing the accumulated dirt and other pollutants off it. This helps in restoring the shine to the lackluster, weighed down hair. Continue reading to know how you can make these shampoos at home as well.
Are your tresses dull, limp, and lifeless, or is your hair weighed down by debris and unwanted chemicals? Hair clarifying shampoos might just be the answer to your problem. Our hair is constantly exposed to a range of environmental pollutants and cosmetic products like hairsprays, mousses, and gels.
The problem is aggravated by the waxes and moisturizers present in certain shampoos and conditioners. This causes the hair to look dull, limp, and lifeless.
Clarifying shampoos can help reduce this excess dirt buildup by deep cleaning the hair and removing the product residues and the environmental pollutants. Here is a look at these shampoos and how you can use them to restore the sheen and vitality to your crowning glory.

Why Do We Need These Shampoos?

Clarifying shampoos not only wash off the accumulated dirt and sebum from the hair, but also get rid of the problem of clogged follicle pores that affect hair health and may lead to slow hair growth and scalp problems. This is an excellent solution for people with an oily scalp whose sebaceous glands produce excess oils.
While the surfactants do lend a clean feeling to your hair, long-term use can damage the hair strands greatly. Instead, look for shampoos with Zinc PCA or a Zinc complex. Clarifying shampoos can also damage the hair by stripping it off the moisture and leaving it dry and brittle. So it is recommended that you follow up with deep conditioning treatments.

Homemade Hair Clarifying Shampoos

The chemicals present in the commercial shampoos can strip the essential moisture off your hair, leaving it dry and quite prone to damage. Instead, you can try rifling through the kitchen products for some amazing natural shampoos.

Baking Soda Shampoo

When mixed with a regular shampoo, baking soda helps to remove product residue and dirt from the hair. For making this natural shampoo at home, you need two teaspoons of baking soda, your regular shampoo, and a few drops of lemon juice.
Mix all of these ingredients, wet your hair, and pour the mixture onto the scalp and scrub the roots well. Rinse out with water and then wash again with the shampoo. Follow up with a conditioner and air dry your hair.

Lemon and Eggs Shampoo

Mix a beaten egg with a few drops of lemon juice and add it to your normal shampoo. Pour it on the scalp and lather it. Rinse it thoroughly to remove the environmental pollutants and grime off your hair.

Using Vinegar Shampoo

African-American hair is naturally dry and frizzy. Use a homemade clarifying shampoo containing apple cider or white vinegar to naturally deep clean your hair. In a plastic container, add a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of warm water. Pour the solution through the hair and let sit for a minute.
Rinse thoroughly with cool water. You can also mix the vinegar solution with a few drops of lemon and half a cup of chamomile leaves. Boil the ingredients, strain, and wash your hair with it to cleanse your hair thoroughly.
These shampoos should be used around three to four times a month to wash your hair and keep the scalp clean. Remember that if you have color treated hair, then the clarifying shampoos result in the hair color fading out too soon. Avoid using the shampoo on color-treated hair more than once a month, especially within the first few weeks after coloring your hair.