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Hair Care Tips for Summer

Neha Joshi
If you want to retain the health of your hair throughout summer, you need to learn some essential hair care tips for the summer season. The scorching heat can sometimes irreversibly damage your hair, and this makes it important for you to know what to do and what not to do in summers.
Summers are synonymous with vacations; a time to visit the beach, to let our hair loose and have some fun. Letting your hair loose might just be one of the things you shouldn't do in the summers. You don't have to cover your hair every single minute of the season, but it is advised you do so most of the time.
Just like your skin, the sun can be very damaging to your hair as well. It is very important for you to take proper care of your hair in summers, as sometimes, this damage cannot be repaired. Simple hair care tips, like those mentioned below can help you fight the sun in no time.

Shield Your Hair from The Sun with 4 Useful Tips

The main problem with summers is that they drain out the moisture from your hair. Exposing your hair to direct sunlight is very bad for your hair as this can even lead to complete burning of the hair. All the hair care tips for summer mentioned below revolve around how we can retain that moisture and how we can avoid more drying of our hair.

Shelter for Hair

It is very important that you shelter your hair from the scorching sun as a prevention, than wasting time and money on the cure later. Wearing scarves is the best option you have. Hats and caps are also good options, specially if you're at the beach. However, these can at times lead to sweating.
If you tie your hair in a bun, you automatically prevent some portions to remain hidden from the sunlight. Any such hairstyles can help from excessive exposure to sunlight. You can use anything you want to cover your hair. However, make sure it isn't too tight on your scalp as this reduces blood circulation in that particular area.

Say 'NO' to Anything that is Hot

Anything that is hot, is a strict no-no for your hair in summers. Stay away from blow dries at all times. Don't style your hair all the time in the summers and try to keep it as natural as possible.
Straightening irons and curlers should also be avoided as they expose your hair to heat when there is already more of it than required. Do not wash your hair with hot water and instead opt for lukewarm or even better, cold water. Blow drying should be avoided in all cases.

Necessity of Hydration

One of the best hair care tips for summer that is sure to help you, is to consciously stay hydrated. This will help you to fight many problems including the drying of hair due to the sunlight. A good intake of water will help you to retain the moisture in your hair. It is said that your diet is what that actually maintains healthy hair during summers.

No to Chemicals

Make sure you don't expose your hair to any chemicals during the summer and opt for only natural therapies. Shampoos, conditioners or any oils that you choose to use should be checked for alcohol and formaldehyde.
These cause the hair to dry faster than necessary and sometimes even make the hair frizzy and cause split ends. Chemicals in hair colors and highlights should also be avoided. In the summers, keep your look as natural as possible.
These were some hair care tips for summer that will help you maintain your hair all through the summer season. Do not shampoo your hair everyday, instead rinse and condition it.
Another hair problem during summers is oily dandruff which can be fought by keeping your hair clean at all times. Washing your hair with cold water will also make sure that your cuticles are closed. Keep it Natural!