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Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

Kashmira Lad
Sporting curly hair can be very fashionable, especially when you carry them off exceptionally well. Here are some tips on hairstyles and hair care for curly hair, that will help you achieve the perfect, wild and bouncy curls.
Finding the right hairstyle can really be a difficult task! Girls who have curly hair, want to get it straightened and those with straight hair, wish to get it curled. Whatever the hair type, the trick lies in the proper maintenance of hair, to give you the right kind of look required.
Of the many hair types, curly hair are the ones that manage to catch ones eye. We shall discuss some tips for curly hair in this story.
Curly hair are more fragile and brittle than other hair textures. Many women with curly hair always complain their hair is unmanageable and always messy. Also, many think that curly hair is thicker and stronger due to its appearance. But curly hair is more brittle and prone to breakage than straight hair.
Most women do not know that there are different curly hair styles ideas that they can opt for their unruly hair. With a bit of extra hair care, you can achieve soft, smooth and almost manageable hair.
If you are the one who is naturally blessed with curls, there are ways to flaunt your curly hair by trying different looks. Curly hair styles are a great way to add some twirls, ringlets and bounce to your tresses. But these require a lot of hair care.
You can choose from short curly hair, long curly hair, medium length curly hair or short curly bobs to define your face. Because curly hair require a lot of care, here's a look at some ways to healthy curly hair care to ensure your crowning glory looks its best at all times.

Hair Care for Curly Hair

Girls that have curly hairstyles can also experience hair damage such as split ends, frizzy and dry hair. This may arise due to wrong diet or the curly hair may not get enough moisture. Here are some basic DOs and DON'Ts that people with curly hair MUST follow!
The first thing that curly-haired people should keep doing is conditioning their hair thoroughly after shampooing.  However, here's the catch - do not shampoo more than twice a week as shampoo will make your hair dryer still.
They have a tendency to wash away the natural oils from your mane due to the presence of chemicals, like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate, you see. So, you need to shampoo at regular intervals just to remove the dirt and grime that renders your hair coarser. Your hair needs more of moisturizing and that you will get from conditioners.
Two days of conditioning post-shampoo and three more days of applying leave-in conditioners to your hair will do the trick. Also, you must, must, must use shampoos and conditioners, especially made for curly hair. Use protein conditioners in order to balance the essential moisture and protein content in your tresses.
Make sure that you use your fingers to gently apply the conditioning agent to slightly moist hair. Detangle it gently with your fingers as you apply it. This will also avoid hair breakage. You can also apply an anti-frizz conditioner overnight and twist your hair into a bun. You can have great curls to show around the next morning.
Regularly apply virgin coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera to maintain the softness of your hair. You need to do this religiously at least once in 7 days.
You can do it up to three times a week and will notice a world of difference in the texture of your hair. Not only will it nourish your hair, but it will also regularize the blood circulation in your scalp area. The vitamin E present in these oils will also boost the growth of your hair.
Start massaging from the root of your hair and go up to the tip. Massage slightly warm oil just before you hit the sack at night and wash it off the next morning. Remember, do not massage for more than 20 minutes. Over massaging your hair has its adverse effects. You can also go in for professionally done hot oil treatments once a month.
Use wide-toothed combs or brushes, they minimize the breakage and make your hair less frizzy. Also, they do not damage the hair strands while you try to remove the tangles from your hair. You have to understand here that your hair is naturally brittle in nature.
It will break off in bulk if you try to tame it with a narrow-toothed comb. Your hair hates friction. So, do not try stunts that you cannot afford to. Gently untangle semi-moist hair at the tips first and then try to gently comb your hair from the root to the tip.
Using hair serum aids the combing process greatly. Better still, use your fingers to sort out the knots in your hair when it is wet. Water will smoothen the process.
When drying your hair after a bath or wetting your hair in general, DO NOT rigorously rub your hair with a towel. It is a strict NO-NO!  It will damage the texture of your hair and make it very rough. And since you do not need any further help in that department, refrain from doing it.
What you should ideally do is use a soft towel to gently soak up the water in your hair. Blotting prevents any kind of friction and serves your purpose in the correct manner. Vigorous rubbing of the hair with a towel will only leave you with split-ends. So, go the gentle, pat-drying way.
Always remember to avoid the use of hair dryers. This is another valuable tip for curly hair as letting the hair dry naturally would prevent it from being frizzy. Blow-drying your hair too often makes your already fragile hair all the more brittle. Split-ends and hair-breakage are also results of regular blow-drying of curly hair.
So, you know what not to do. However, if you must use a hair-dryer once in a while, opt to use it with a diffuser. A diffuser helps to maintain the natural formation of the curls and gives it a uniform fall. It takes away the clustered, messy look of curly hair.
Also, set the heat level of the dryer at LOW and then aim the nozzle of the blow dryer in the downward direction and blow dry your hair. You can always apply styling mousse or styling gels to keep your styled hair in place for a longer duration and to lock in the luster in your tresses. But, do this occasionally or your hair will get damaged irreversibly.
Some people with naturally curly hair like to straighten their hair with hair-straighteners and flat irons. However, before straightening your hair with a hair straightener, apply ample moisturizer to prevent damage and frizz. You should use straightening balm or gel when heating your hair straight.
Personally, I would advise you not to do it too often. Understand that the heat that is generated by these hair-straightening tools actually renders the hair follicles weak and as a result lead to problems such as thinning of the hair shaft, hair breakage, split-ends, graying of hair among others.
Rather, I would request you to realize just how beautiful a head full of curls look and enhance the look of your scintillating curls with some curl styling cream.
Other hair care products such as smoothing creams and alcohol-free gels (that trap the moisture in your hair and keep it soft) and deep treatment masks (that keeps chemical damage caused by sun, dust and heat at bay) can also be employed judiciously to keep unruly curls under control.
But, as I always say and cannot say enough, please check the correct variety for your hair. Seek the help of a hair care specialist if need be. Just because a product is expensive, it does not mean that it will suit your hair. At the same time, it is necessary to use only quality products so that your mane suffers no damage.
Use products specifically meant for curly hair and manufactured by reputed companies. Use a deep hair conditioner to revitalize your hair every 30 days or so. This just means that there are various products available in the market to make your life easy. You just need to use your discretion and pick the product that will work for you.
Curly hair has extremely low porosity and, therefore, does it absorb water in relatively lesser amounts.
This leads to hair becoming dry and consequently split. So get a haircut every 8 - 12 weeks to remove weak and damaged hair ends. This will do your hair a world of good and also facilitate its growth. Trim it regularly.
Curly hair care can be colored in various ways for a glam look. Try to highlight the curls that fall gently around your face. This would also bring prominence to your features.
Hair care for curly hair also involves the maintenance of a good diet. Always eat right and have a reasonable amount of proteins in your diet. This will add to the natural sheen of your hair.

Homemade Products

Instead of investing in commercial products, you can always fall back on homemade curly hair care products.
Take mayonnaise and apply a coat of it on your hair. Leave it on like a mask for a maximum of 20 minutes.
After that, rinse with clean, cold water and towel dry. You will be left with soft and supple curls that will leave Arabella Fermor from Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock ashamed.
Take the yolk of an egg and commingle it with a few drops of olive oil.
Apply this on properly wet hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a mild shampoo to wash this mask off. This mixture will condition your hair to perfection.
Use mix milk and honey and apply it on wet hair. Wash it with a very mild shampoo and voila!
You can also apply just an egg white or some yogurt on your hair exactly an hour before washing and then wash it off thoroughly with a good shampoo.

Styling Curly Hair

The most important curly hair styling tip is to visit a hairstylist who will cut your curly hair along the curl formation of your hair. This will keep your curly hair manageable and healthy. The following curly hair styling tips will open various choices for your curly hair dos.
Braids: The best way to manage and keep your hair neat is by braiding your hair. It helps toning your curly hair after two to three days to braiding.
Headbands: The best way to style your curly hair is by using hair accessories like headbands.
They help smooth out unruly hair and secure them near the crown. You can use headbands with embellishments and other decorative beads and jewels to make your hair look trendy. You can even try experimenting with hair accessories like clips and pins.
Haircuts: Another great curly hair style tip is get a haircut with layers. You can even try French twist on your curly hair.
Curly Long Hair: Towel dry your hair to avoid frizz. You can use serum and anti-frizz products that help control the frizz.
Apply an anti-frizz conditioner overnight and twist your hair into a bun. You can have great curls to show around the next morning.
Pressing: Temporary straightening is a great way to give a different look to your hair. Do not straighten your hair often to avoid damage to curly hair.
These curly hair style tips will give you a 'new me' feel. Avoid touching your hair frequently as it makes it more frizzy. Follow the curly hair styles tips recommended by your hair stylist. Women with straight, limp hair are always envious of the curls and voluminous hair of naturally curly hair.
Hair curling is the most sought after hairstyles by women with straight hair. So all you people with naturally curly hair, follow these curly hair styling tips and make people fall in love with your curls. Whether it is the demure lady, naughty or flirty woman, the pick is yours. Choose your style and make waves wherever you go!