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Hair Braiding Machine

Loveleena Rajeev
Hair braiding is a very old hairstyle; women have been doing it since ages. Using a hair braiding machine makes the process easy and quick.
Whether one has long or shoulder length hair, the braiding style suits them all. Young girls with little braided pigtails are a charm to watch.
Many women also prefer this hairstyle, as it keeps the hair from tangling, and is very functional for them to go about their daily activities.
Over the years, many different styles have evolved; basic English braids, fishtail braids, French plaits, Dutch plaits, etc. As trichology becomes more advanced, the equipment to manage hair are also becoming more popularized. Hair braiding machine is one such tool.

Using the Machine on the Hair

As braid hairstyles are back in vogue, everyone wants them. However, it is not that easy, unless one has practiced enough. It is also a basic requirement for many elaborate and ornate hairstyles. A machine makes this process easy and convenient. Many professional hair stylists use them.
However, if one wants to try them out by themselves at home, there are quite a number of varieties available to pick from that suits you best. They are also known as hair braiders. Following are a few instructions about using a standard, battery-operated machine.
★ Decide upon the hairstyle. Divide hair into sections using a fine-toothed comb. Evenly comb out the hair. Divide each section into the number of twisted strands you want to incorporate in your hairstyle. A standard machine is hand-held and battery-operated, and requires normal AA batteries.
Make sure the batteries are new, as you don't want to run out of them in the middle of the process.
★ Attach the end of the divided sections to the pins at the top of the machine. Adjust the clips to handle more hair sections in one go. While attaching the hair onto the pins, make sure you leave about half or one inch of hair sticking out, to ensure a better grip of the equipment on the hair.
Hold it straight out and upwards, tugging it a little to create tension.
★ Before switching on the appliance, read all instructions carefully. This will ensure that you hold the hair at a right angle, and do not damage the delicate strands. Turn the appliance on, and start twisting. There are ideally two buttons on it, one for twisting each strand, and another to twist a whole section together in the opposite direction.
Start by twisting each strand and gradually switch button to twist the section. The thumb rule here is the longer you hold the machine, the tighter the twists will be formed. Although tight twists look good, don't get carried away. One does not want hair to stick out like straw. Detach the twisted hair, and secure the end with a clip.
Most appliances come with instruction manuals and some hairstyle ideas. Start with simple ones, and then graduate to spectacular, ornate hairstyles. Once you get the hang of using the equipment, use decorative or fancy hair clips and bands to make a style statement with your hair!