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Hair Bow Instructions

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Hair bows are an essential hair accessory for girls and women alike. This information takes you through the instructions to make two simple varieties of bows.
Beautiful, delicate hair bows are a must-have hair accessory for women of all ages. A pretty bow to match every one of your dresses is indeed a great idea, but you will have to shell a large amount if you decide to buy them in every color.
Making your own bows is simple and lots of fun. Not only you will have one to flaunt with every dress, but you will also have an ample choice in terms of fabric and embellishments.


Basic Hair Bow

You will require: grosgrain ribbon of a length of about 40'', a pair of scissors, dental floss, hot glue gun/sticks, and a plain hair clip. Cut the ribbon into two pieces of 16'' and 24'' respectively. Take the 24'' piece of ribbon and wind it twice around four of your fingers, starting from your pinkie and ending with the forefinger.
While still maintaining the shape of the loops, remove your fingers, and hold the center. Unfurl the loops, and tie the center with the help of dental floss. If the ends are too long, trim them and seal them with an anti-fraying treatment or clear nail polish.
Repeat the same procedure for the 16'' piece, but make sure to overlap the ends by 1/2 inch while folding the ribbon. Place this layer on the 24'' bow, and again tie the two layers together with dental floss.
Using hot glue, stick this bow to the plain hair clip. Cover the dental floss with a piece of ribbon for the center or attach a nice pearl or button as an embellishment.

Korker Hair Bow

This is a very popular choice for little girls. You will need several ¼ inch wooden dowel rods. Take a long piece of grosgrain ribbon and wind it along the rod without any overlaps. Secure the ends of the ribbon with a clothespin. Cover the rods with some aluminum foil, and place it in an oven preheated to 275° F.
Let the rod remain in the oven for about 15 minutes. After that, take one rod out and check if the ribbon has curled or not. If it has, take all the rods out and cut the curled ribbon in 25 to 50 sections, and seal all the ribbon ends. Place these sections in a perpendicular fashion on a string of a length of 12''.
Tie the string around the sections so that there is an equal amount of ribbon on the both sides of the string. Make several knots to secure all the sections in place. Attach the bow to the hair clip and cover the center in the same fashion as mentioned here.
You can have a variety of designs and colors in your bows. While making layered bows, use multiple ribbons with complementing colors. Ribbons with polka dots look great for small girls. Use of old broaches and fancy hair clips to decorate bows.