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Hair Bleaching Ideas

Read on to know more about the styling ideas for bleaching your hair.
Kritika Parwani
Our hair is a natural accessory that can be styled, beautified, and colored. It plays a significant role in enhancing our features. We all aspire to have beautiful, healthy, shiny tresses and mostly opt for coloring it. However, bleaching is a concept that has become quite a popular fashion trend.
What this does is that it causes the hair to become a lighter color than its original color. While based on our natural color, bleached colors can range from a rusty orange to a pale yellow, most people opt for this to go for a blond look.

The Process

Bleaching of hair is a chemical process for lightening its color. While it is possible to get this done in a beauty salon and at home, it is very important to know the right mixing proportion, as the products used are harsh and may cause long term damage.
Normally, an oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide interacts with an alkalizing agent to raise the outer layers of the shaft. As soon as the hydrogen peroxide combines with the alkalizing agent, it diffuses into the cortex at the center, where it breaks down the melanin responsible for color and replaces it with whatever tinting agent has been used.
The new color remains for six to twelve weeks until hair growth makes a repeat treatment necessary. The reason that this treatment is preferred when it comes to going blond or even a lighter shade is that, it is the only way to lighten dark hair to achieve that ultra light platinum blond.
When it comes to chemical colors or permanent dyes, they only have the ability to lighten hair a few shades and are inadequate when it comes to going from dark to light.
Besides that, permanent color or dye only has the ability to lighten hair that has not been chemically processed. For example if you have hair that has been dyed brown or black, a blond color will not have any effect.

Ideas for Bleached Hairstyles

• One of the important hair bleaching ideas if your hair is darker than dark blond, is that you should use a pre-lightener to remove a majority of your hair's pigment before the process. This removes any red or patchy dark color. These patchy colors could be trouble if you skip the pre-lightening step.
After using the pre-lightener, you can apply the shade of blond you like best or any other shade.
• Also, experts recommend that you begin applying the bleaching solution at the back of the head where the hair is most likely to be darker, thus allowing the bleach to work longer in those areas.
• Another trendy idea is that instead of using bleach on your entire head, highlighting may be a better option. There are three different techniques for highlighting namely, weaving, slicing, and paneling. Weaving is achieved by weaving the tip of a comb in and out of your hair thereby picking up small sections to be bleached.
Slicing can be achieved by selecting small bits of hair individually. Paneling is a technique wherein panels of hair are dyed in complementary colors. Paneled hair can be parted differently to emphasize the various colors in the panels.


If you are opting to bleach your hair at home, it is very important to follow the instructions very carefully or permanent damage may occur. Although most people prefer to leave it to a professional, you can achieve a blond or platinum blond color by using the proper techniques, quality products, and instructions. Now, let's learn how to bleach hair blonde.
• To prepare the mixture read the instructions written on the kit.
• Based on the measurements on the kit, add the peroxide to the bleach a little at a time, stirring and squishing the lumps out. Make sure that the consistency of the mixture is neither too runny nor too thick.
• For application of the bleach, wear your plastic gloves and tie a towel on your neck. Now section your hair using small claw clips.
• For bleaching, remove the clip from one section and use the brush provided with the kit to paint the bleach evenly. Clip the section once it is done.
• Once all the sections have been coated, place a shower cap over your hair and using a warm blow dryer, warm the shower cap. This will help the hair dye develop more quickly.
• Leave on the bleach for 20 minutes or as specified in the instructions and then wash it off.
• After rinsing off the bleach, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, to remove all traces of the chemicals.
• As this process can dry your hair, use a good quality conditioner to moisturize your hair. Just like with any other chemical process, it is important to ensure proper hair care during and after bleaching.
These were some home hair bleaching ideas that you can use to achieve that blond look you have always wanted. But remember that before going for it, you must make sure that your hair is not chemically over processed like permed or straightened permanently as this may result in hair loss.