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Green Tea Benefits for Acne

Niharika Arya
Green tea is considered as one of the most effective solutions for various skin problems. Green tea benefits for acne given in this article will help you to get rid of the acne naturally and effectively. Keep reading..
Acne is caused due to excess oil production by the sebaceous glands which are found on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulder region. Acne break out due to hormonal changes and can give your face an unpleasant look with scars. There are many natural and medical treatments to get rid of it, but green tea benefits for acne are well-known for many years.
Green tea has been used by the Chinese for years. Green tea is made from the same plant which is used to make black tea. The only difference is that green tea is made from the unfermented leaves, which basically belong to the Camellia sinensis plant.

Benefits of Green Tea for Acne

Green tea is one of the most famous and effective natural remedy for skin problems. Green tea contains antioxidants which inhibits the oxidation process and prevents the growth of unwanted antibodies. This improves the immune system of the body and restricts the growth of acne by fighting against bacteria and other microorganisms.
Apart from the antioxidant, green tea contains tannic acid which reduces the swelling and inflammation of the dermal tissues which are present on the upper layer of the skin and also lowers the production of oil from the sebaceous glands.
It has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which rejuvenates the dying skin cells. Green tea also detoxifies the blood and helps in improving the overall health of the body. Studies show that the products which contain green tea are as effective as products made from 4% benzoyl peroxide. Hence, we can say that it is a natural and safe way of getting rid of acne and pimples.

How to Use Green Tea

After going through green tea benefits on skin, let's find out how to use or apply it. Following are some simple ways of using green tea, as it can be beneficial in any form. Take a look.
  • Green tea, as we know, is made from the unfermented tea leaves, hence you can replace it with your black tea. A cup of green tea every day and you will observe a drastic change in your skin and your acne will stop popping out. It will also get mixed with the blood and will detoxify your blood and will improve the immune power of your body.
  • Boil green tea and then let it steep for nearly 10 minutes. Apply it directly on the face with the help of a cotton ball or apply it with the tea bag. Keep it on till it dries naturally and then wash it off. It is also effective on scars and blemishes.
  • You can make a facial mask out of green tea as well. Boil the green tea and then let it cool down. Now take an egg white and mix it with the green tea. Mix it properly. Now wash the face and pat dry. Apply the mixture on the face and let it dry naturally. Once dried, wash it off with warm water. It gives a youthful appearance to the face.
  • Prepare strong green tea and store it in refrigerator. Apply it daily with the help of cotton balls. It can work as an excellent skin toner.
  • You can also get green tea in the form of pills, creams, gels, face wash in the market, which are quite effective. Just go for products from a trustworthy company, and enjoy the benefits of green tea.
Green tea is medically accepted and is recommended by many doctors. You just need to include green tea in your daily diet, or use it topically, it will not only help you to get rid of acne but will also improve your skin and overall health. So, try this ancient and natural remedy and get rejuvenated and acne free skin.