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Greasy Hair After Washing

Pragya T
Do you tend to have greasy hair after washing? This post talks about the causes, remedies and preventive tips on proper hair care that will help you avoid this discomforting condition.
How many times has it happened to you that your washed hair turns out to be greasy after drying? There are many causes related to this. One of the most common reasons is that you didn't shampoo your hair well. If you have very oily hair, then just one rinse of shampoo it is not enough.
Also, sometimes you might experience sudden greasy hair after washing if you massaged the scalp or didn't wash off the residue of the shampoo, oil, or conditioner properly. One needs to maintain proper grooming and follow good oily hair care regime to keep this condition under control.

Remedies & Prevention Tips

First, find out your hair type. Do you have oily hair? Do you have oily hair with a dry scalp? Or do you have oily hair with dry ends? Or do you use products like conditioners or shampoo which weigh your hair down? So, note down these points. Also, sometimes diet can make your scalp greasy, which eventually will do the same to your hair.
It is important to control your diet and reduce your sugar and fat intake to control the greasiness of your hair. If you have oily hair then use a good clarifying shampoo. Sometimes, you might need to wash your hair twice. A good clarifying shampoo that is light and is suitable for oily hair is the one which contains organic ingredients.
Another remedy is to wash your hair once properly with shampoo. Then follow it up with a rinse of vinegar. In one liter of water add 2 caps of vinegar, and mix well. Now, wash your scalp and hair properly. You can use normal white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you don't have vinegar then fresh lemon juice works great too.
Get rid of any conditioners or creamy hair care products which weigh your hair down. For this you will have to try out various products, till you find the one which suits you. Use only those shampoos and conditioners which suit you. Limit the use of conditioners. Also, avoid using hair masks.
If your hair gets greasy regularly, you must shampoo your hair daily. Also, keep the hair away from your face, or you might get acne. If you experienced greasy hair after dyeing, then it is possible that the contents of the dye had certain products, which were meant to condition the hair.
However, as you have oily hair, it just added to the greasiness. In such cases, wash your hair with cold water till all the residue of the dye and any other product is gone. Then give it a vinegar rinse.
So, use the above tips and keep the oily hair fresh and clean, to avoid weighing them down with greasiness or weighting down your mood due to greasiness.