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Tips to Take Care of a Greasy Face

Parul Solanki
Oily, greasy skin is the result of excess sebum production on the face. This makes the face look dull and tired. Here are some great solutions that can help reduce the oil on the face and help it regain its beauty and health.
Although the natural protective oils of the face, also known as sebum, may have been formulated by nature to protect the skin, people suffering from the problem of persistent greasy face and oily skin would certainly disagree with me.
For them, the excess oil means having to deal with problems of acne, blackheads, and those bothersome pimples which just refuse to go away. The trapped sebum on the skin surface attracts grime and dust and makes the face look dull and extremely oily.
Genetics, birth control pills, hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycles, and pregnancy, all play a role in secretion of excess sebum. During adolescence, hormones known as androgen stimulate the sebaceous glands and trigger off the excessive sebum production.
Proper skin care is the rule of the book when you are suffering from oily skin. Here are some solutions that are sure to help you get rid of that shine and oiliness on your face.

How to Get Rid of a Greasy Face

Wash your Face

Although it might sound cliched but the fact is that cleaning your face is the best natural cure. Oily, greasy skin tends to attract more dust and grime which can result in unwanted dead skin and clogged pores. This is one of the primary reasons for development of acne and blackheads as well.
Washing your face preferably with a mild antibacterial soap three times a day helps to remove the excess oil and grime from the face, thus leaving it clean and healthy. Cleansing your face with milk helps in restricting the excess sebum production. You can also mix two to three drops of sandalwood or lavender oil to clean your face effectively.

Citrus Oils

Citrus essential oils added to Aloe vera gel, witch hazel, or other herbal lotion base can help treat oily skin. The bleaching agent in these oils reduces the acne spots and marks. 2-3 drops of the essential oils applied to the face beats the shine and oil.

Scrub it off

A mild scrubber or exfoliating product formulated for oily skin sloughs away the dead skin that clog the pores. It is important to note that too much of exfoliating products irritate the skin and end up making the skin produce more oil.
You can make your very own facial scrub at home by mixing 1 tablespoons of almond meal, 1 tablespoon ground lemon rind, and 4 tablespoons milk, and scrubbing your face with it. Using this mild facial scrub three to four times a week helps restore the skin's moisture balance.

Using a Mild Toner

While exfoliating does help in keeping the dead skin from plugging the pores, using a mild toner or an astringent is essential for improving the facial skin circulation and improving its texture.
Astringent wipes or special oil blotters help to remove the excess oil from the face. Avoid over-drying your skin with these products as it can induce the production of protective oils on the face. Adding 3-4 drops of chamomile oil to the water makes for an excellent facial toner for oily, greasy skin.

Facial Masks

Facial masks help to soothe the skin and absorb the excess oils. Clay masks are a great way of reducing the excess oils off the face.
Making your own homemade masks is a great idea of not only saving the big bucks but also avoiding the side effects of chemical cosmetic products. Mix one teaspoon of honey with a egg white, half a teaspoon of lime juice, and some fuller's earth. Apply it on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing your face with cold water.
Massaging your skin with wheat germ oil or the juice of a cucumber beats the shine and oiliness. Massaging raw papaya on the face or a mixture of fuller's earth and yogurt can help reduce the oil and prevent acne breakout.
Simple remedy is to avoid the use of oil-based cosmetics or moisturizers containing butter extracts and mineral oils. Ensure you apply a gel-based sunscreen of at least SPF 15 before stepping outdoors. Topical mattifying products, synthetic topical retinoids, glycolic, and salicylic acid in the cosmetic products helps reduce the oil and sheen off your face.