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How to Dye Your Hair Gray

The latest trend is to dye your hair in order to achieve a platinum look. Read on to find out some exciting ideas.
Rutuja Jathar
While half of the population is in the quest of getting rid of gray hair, it is hard to believe that there are people who want their hair to be gray.
Gray is the new black was a famous line used to soothe people who found it hard to cope with their silvering mane in betimes. However, the situation today is completely different and to one's surprise it is totally in the favor of gray hair.


Graying hair, scientifically known as canities, is a genetic process that begins as a response to aging, certain medical treatments, stress, and hectic lifestyle.
All these factors result into losing hair pigmentation that causes various hair colors like brown, black, brunette and blonde. It also means, that if you want a gray hairstyle, then you have to use gray hair color dye.
One of the most commonly opted technique is of hair bleaching. However, there are limitations to its 'positive' results. The effects completely depend on the type of your hair and the product. For instance, if you bleach your hair with lemon juice, then you might only manage to get a pale yellow shade.
Apart from the not-so-desired color transformation you will also damage your hair tremendously, leading to dry and frizzy hair. This mostly happens with people who have dark hair like brown, black, brunette, etc. Such harsh treatments also lead to potential damage to the structural integrity of your hair.
However, you can use temporary hair dye products once in a while. Temporary products that are available in the market are usually created by various renowned brands that are popular for their other products. Some of the temporary hair dyes fade away within first wash itself.


• If you are a pro, then all that you need to bring home is an all-inclusive kit with the best gray shade that you want to flaunt. These kits generally include conditioner toners as well as gloves.
• You will also need some old towels, hair clips, and cotton balls.
• Before you begin, wear gloves, and an old shirt so that your new clothes don't get stained. Next, apply petroleum jelly on your forehead, neck, and ears to protect them from the dye drippings.
• Mix the ingredients as per the instructions written on the product label. Wet your hair and dry with towel. Remember that your hair should never be sopping wet.
• Then apply even coats of the solution. Once you finish applying, then clip your hair on top of the head.
• Clean the dye drippings (if any) with cotton balls. Once you let the dye set for the time span which is mentioned on the kit, wash the hair until the water runs clear.
• Later, apply hair conditioner toner and wash hair again. Throughout the proceedings of applying the hair dye, you need to make sure that it doesn't come in contact with your eyes.

You can also try some chic hair highlights with gray, pale gray, white, dark gray, or platinum blonde.