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Golden Brown Hair with Highlights

Rutuja Jathar
You can enhance the appearance of golden brown hair with some highlights of suitable shades of hair color. Read the following story and get to know more about hair highlight ideas for golden brown hair.
Golden brown hair color is a type of brown hair color with light undertones. It is one of the lighter shades of brown hair color, which is found in three shades like medium brown, light golden brown, and light golden reddish brown. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natalie Portman, and some other famous women have naturally golden brown hair color.
Golden brown hair look amazing, and they can be adorned with various interesting hair coloring ideas. Since golden brown shade is quite attractive in itself, you can also use hair highlights to enhance the natural appearance of your hair. Golden brown hair with highlights looks extremely feminine and sophisticated. However, there are only a few colors that can go with this hair color.

The following article deals with the highlights that you can use so as to make your golden brown hair even more attractive.

Hair Highlights for Golden Brown Hair

Most people who have medium to light golden brown hair color, belong to the warm skin tone category. Warm skin tone category includes natural golden blonde, dark brown with gold and/or red tones, strawberry blonde, red blonde, and medium golden brown hair colors.
While the natural skin color of warm skin tone category is pale with gold, peach, or cream undertones and brown with pink, golden, reddish, ruddy, or rosy undertone. The eye color of these people is either golden brown, green, turquoise, greenish blue, or hazel.
If you have some of these characteristics, then you belong to the warm skin tone category. Choosing a hair color based on your skin tone proves really beneficial.


As mentioned earlier, there are a few highlights for brown hair which also go well with the golden brown hair color shade. The best of them all is golden strawberry blond hair color. Highlights with golden strawberry blonde hair color look really attractive with natural golden brown hair.
You can also opt for light golden blonde, light auburn, and golden brown highlights for golden brown hair shades. You can also try for a few deeper and richer hair color tones like dark golden brown, mahogany brown, chestnut brown, and auburn.
Highlights with cinnamon, orange, chocolate and copper streaks surely grab the attention as well. Golden brown hair with red highlights also look pretty attractive, but make sure that you opt for well-placed highlights and streaks.
Once you get highlights for your golden brown hair, then make sure that you maintain a proper haircare routine, that includes usage of color preserving haircare products and products that will maintain the natural moisture of your hair. All the best!