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Glycolic Acid Peel Benefits

Glycolic acid peels promote generation of new skin cells and improve the skin tone. The duration of their benefits can last for many months. Here's a look into its many gains.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Glycolic acid peel is a form of chemical peel which is used for skin treatments. Basically, it consists of glycolic acid which is a type of naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid found in fruits. It is mostly derived from different fruits, like sugarcane, sugar beets, unripe grapes, pineapple, etc. The best part of this peel is that it is suitable for all types of skin.
When this acid is made use of in cosmetic treatments, it is balanced by water and baking soda to form a peeling agent. If the acid percentage used is higher, it makes for a stronger solution that penetrates deeper into the skin. Hence, it is preferred to get the skin treatment done through professionals. It is a fast-acting one and is often done on an outpatient basis.


Glycolic acid and skin care go hand in hand. Usually, the old skin cells of your body get replaced with new ones after every 30 - 35 days. However, these dead skin cells tend to get accumulated on the surface of the skin, making it rough and patchy.
Thus, the outer layer is peeled off and a fresh and new underlying skin is revealed. It also promotes collagen production which is a protein component that makes the skin look young and healthy.
Some of the key benefits are as follows:
  • You can use the acid for acne control. When you apply the facial peel regularly on your acne-prone skin, it exfoliates the dead skin cells. As a result, the skin pores don't get clogged. Hence, there will be fewer acne outbreaks.
  • This peel is equally effective in acne scars. It covers the pits and dents on the face caused by old acne outbreaks by promoting growth of new cells. This way, the ugly scars fade away.
  • It has a healing effect on sun-damaged skin. It strips off the dry and damaged upper layer of the skin. Thus, the smooth underlying healthy skin is exposed.
  • It reduces the appearances of skin wrinkles. It promotes regeneration of cells which makes the fine lines of wrinkles less visible.
  • You can include it in your regular skin care regime in order to get a glowing, healthy-looking skin. It strips off dull and rough dead skin cells and leaves behind a soft and smooth skin texture.
  • It can be safely used on various common skin problems, like skin pigmentation, age spots, etc. The peel lightens the appearance of these marks to a great extent, and even normal complexion of your skin gets restored.
For home use, you have to purchase an over-the-counter kit. Or else, you can go for salon treatments. Each session of this peeling requires 15 - 20 minutes. It has to be repeated after a gap of two weeks. To yield maximum benefits, you must provide your skin adequate amount of rest, and protect it from the sun.
After treating your skin with this peel, you must use a good quality sunscreen of SPF value 25 or more generously on the skin to prevent your skin from sunburn. Moreover, do not scrub your skin with sponge or such abrasive exfoliants after the treatment, as it can badly damage sensitive skin cells.
There are no major side effects as it is a mild form of chemical peel. However, if highly concentrated form of this acid is applied on the skin or it is allowed to stay on the skin surface for a long time, then it can have damaging effects.
In general, the side effects are mostly found in those people who have past medical history of fever blisters, cold sores, or keloid. In such cases, you must consult a dermatologist before using the peel. It is not suitable for pregnant women or lactating mothers.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and should not be substituted for the advice of a medical professional.