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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks on Thighs

Rahul Thadani
Stretch marks on any part of the body greatly dampen the confidence and beauty of a person. Thighs are a common place for getting them, and this article will give some pointers to get rid of them.
Stretch marks are an unwelcome occurrence that almost everyone notices on some part of their body. These marks vary and differ in their size, location, and deepness and many people consider it to be a blotch on their beauty. There are many spots on the body where stretch marks are commonly found, and the thighs are one of them. Their treatment is a long and time-consuming activity, and must be handled with extreme caution and sensitivity.


Stretch marks are scar tissues and they usually appear as deep striped scars on the skin. In some cases, extreme stretching can even cause the skin to tear, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort. There are a multitude of remedies that can be utilized for their natural removal. The most common places where stretch marks are found are the stomach, legs, breasts, shoulders, buttocks, and thighs. Out of all these possible areas, they are most commonly seen to occur on the stomachs of women due to pregnancy.



Exfoliation can be extremely effective due to the amount of fat that is present on the thighs. To make an effective mixture, buy an all-natural product, like aveeno or neutrogena, from the market and mix it with aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or olive oil. Rubbing the area afflicted with stretch marks in a circular motion using this mixture is guaranteed to help in curing the problem naturally.


Another great way is by regularly moisturizing the afflicted area. A great ingredient for doing so is cocoa butter. This provides great natural moisture and nourishment to the skin, and healthily treats the marks that are present on the body.

Light and Laser Therapy

This is a method that will require several expensive visits to a specialist. If the topical methods of treatment have failed, the option of getting laser surgery is worth exploring. Typically, the stretch marks that are extremely deep and appear red or purple in color require laser treatment in order to cure them. There are a few varying ways in which the doctor can go about the healing process, depending on the age and the severity.

Chemical Peels

Visiting a dermatologist and getting chemical peeling of the afflicted skin is a slightly extreme way of stretch mark removal. The dermatologist physically applies a solution on the skin, which causes the skin to peel away. This method affects only the top layer of the skin though, and as such, the results may vary. It can also be painful for some individuals, and in some cases it can also lead to unforeseen infections.


The easiest way of combating stretch marks is by prevention. Applying some curative measures right from the beginning is one method, and leading a healthy lifestyle also plays its part. Eat a balanced diet and avoid excessive fats, sugar, salt, and preservatives. Drinking enough water during the day is another preventive step that you must take.
Exposing yourself to extreme and harsh methods is pointless, as it increases the risk of other infections and ailments. The possibility of acquiring other infections is not worth the trouble that one goes through. Instead, try and live with your stretch marks, as the effect they have is purely psychological. You should resort to extreme methods only in very extreme cases.