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How to Care for Fusion Hair Extensions

Sheetal Mandora
As the popularity of hair extensions grows, so does the necessity to take proper care of it. Read on to find tips and suggestions on caring for your fusion hair extensions.
Women with short hair too sometimes wish to experiment with the length of their hair. By adding the hair extensions, they can easily experience the joys of having long hair. The technique uses your natural hair strands to fuse it with artificial hair strands.

Types of Fusion Extensions

Today, salons offer different types of extensions specific to their clients. Whatever your choice may be, you can definitely find the right kind of "fusion" for your hair. Apart from getting a new style, this technique helps those who suffer from permanent hair damage, typically at the front hairline.
Mesh the extensions which spread across the root area and makes the front hairline appear natural.
Here are the different types of extensions which you can choose for yourself.

1. Hot Extensions: Hair fusion is caused using a heat source for activation.
2. Cold Extensions: Hair fusion is caused using non-heat keratin-based polymer.
3. Air Pressure Fusion Extensions: Hair fusion is caused using air pressure.
4. Laser Extensions: Perm hair fusion is caused using laser beam machine.
5. Ultrasonic Extensions: Hair fusion is caused using a ultrasonic radio wave.
6. Flux Extensions: Hair fusion is caused through air (a new trend).
The magic of turning short hair into long, flowing hairstyle in just a few days is made possible with the help of the extensions and your talented stylist. Of course there are certain pros and cons involved like, the process is not at all painful, yet it will cause some pain to your wallet as it isn't cheap.
You can opt for either human hair or its synthetic counterparts. The prices vary depending on which brand and what type of extensions you choose. The price can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, excluding maintenance.

Care and Maintenance

Perhaps after reading about the cost, you may be either contemplating if you should or shouldn't go for applying the extensions, or worried about spending so much money. But you don't have to worry or turn down the idea of getting the extensions. What you need to search for is a hair designer or an extension stylist who has experience in fusing hair strands.
With professional help, you can choose the brand, type, length, and color of the extensions to enhance your overall look. Your hair stylist will also give you specific upkeep instructions on how to remove the extensions.
The removal process has to be done by a professional (or if you have had any experience doing them on your own) as it can give you bald spots if done incorrectly. Always be sure to select extensions which aren't too heavy for your hair.
Generally, certain women make this mistake, that leads to damage or breakage of hair later on.Keeping all these important tips in mind, proper care needs to be taken.
1. If you choose human hair as your extensions (highly recommended by many experts), you can treat it like real hair.
2. To brush hair, use loop brush specifically made for extensions. It helps in preventing damage to new hair and the fusion.

3. To wash extensions, use of gentle shampoo and cold water wash is recommended; this will minimize tangles.

4. A soft conditioner is required every time you wash your hair to keep your hair supple.
5. Tie your hair in a ponytail, or braid it before going to bed. This way you won't wake up with a bed-head or knots.
The basic idea is, your natural hair and roots need to withstand the pressure with the extensions. That is why, some salons have come up with silicon grip and plastic coating methods, which do not damage your hair. Whether you choose human or synthetic hair, have complete knowledge about the process, prices, care and maintenance, before going for extensions.