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Funky Hair Color Ideas

Puja Lalwani
Enough of being Mr./Ms. Goody Two Shoes. It's time to break the mold and go funky with hair color ideas that are sure to grab everyone's attention anywhere you go.
If you want to go funky or just be rebellious, then get your hair colored in a funky shade. Time has passed for simple styles with usual colors. So, go for the latest trends doing the rounds now. Just getting funky hairstyles are not enough. Add a dash of a funky color, and your look is transformed!
When you decide to go ahead with your plan, keep in mind that funky shades may not suit everyone. Instead, color parts of hair in the form of streaks, a patch, chunky highlights or use a combination of two or more shades. Remember, these colors look better cool styles like punk or emo hairstyles. Here are some ideas based on the natural color of your hair.


You may choose to get a combination of highlights, with the blue and purple. You can even combine the green to add more funk.
One of the best way to dye short hair is to have only your bangs colored. A darker shade of pink would be perfect for dark brown hair.
As a brunette, choose from shades of electric blue, bright or deep purple, dark green, bright red, and shocking pink.


Colors show more on blond hair because it is lighter. That however, shouldn't deter you from trying out any of these options. In fact, you have a whole new palette of combinations to choose from.
To use pink and red, just have the tips of your hair dyed in those shades. If you have a layered style, ensure you get the color on the tips of all the layers.
Another great idea for short hair is to have patches highlighted in blond, and streaked with red. That is just plain deadly!
2 tone variations: pink-blue, blue-red or purple-green.
A funky idea for long, blond hair is to have the top half length in a shocking pink, and the lower half in a shade that is close to white!
Lime green looks perfect on blond hair. Since it is too bright, having it as highlights with light blue streaks is ideal. These shades work perfectly for men too. Select color as per your style. Combined with naturally blond hair, the funk cannot go unnoticed.
Streaks in varied shades of purple and pink are great for blond hair. Stick to the lighter shades and avoid the deeper shades. This combination looks just perfect on blonds, preferably on long hairstyles.
Coloring your hair in a funky shade is an experience of a lifetime, and something you must try at least once!
Whatever the reason for you to choose from these funky colors, just do so keeping your haircut, your skin tone, and your natural color in mind. Remember, blond hair absorbs color more easily than brunette hair. But, this should not deter you from choosing these electric colors. If you've already decided to go for it, don't look back!