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How to Get Fuller Lips Naturally

Puja Lalwani
All women desire for rich, plump fuller lips. But, how many of us can actually afford the treatments available out there? For those who can't, here are some tips on how to get fuller lips naturally.
Plump lips and a sexy pout are all attributes you would liken to Angelina Jolie. Such lips are most sought after amongst women of all ages. While some of you afford expensive lip treatments, like botox and collagen injections and some for whom the dream of having fuller lips is just a dream.
Now, most of you may be unaware that such a look can be attained with the help of some home remedies and lip exercises. That's right. You can have sexy, fuller lips too, maybe not as full as Angelina Jolie's, but definitely fuller than what they now are.

Some Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for fuller lips and most of the ingredients can be easily found in your very own kitchen. Choose from any of these mentioned home remedies.

➜ Exfoliate

Like the rest of your skin, even your lips need an exfoliation. The process of exfoliation helps in giving your lips a plumper effect. To exfoliate, either purchase or make a lip exfoliator or just brush your lips with a toothbrush.
Lips are sensitive and this exfoliation procedure may cause some irritation. Follow this up with the application of a mild, non-flavored natural lip balm. This entire procedure will make your lips look moisturized and fuller over time. Moreover, you can also bid goodbye to your lip wrinkles.

➜ Apply Clove Oil

Applying a drop of clove oil on your lips, about twice a week, is a great way of attaining naturally fuller lips. Clove oil is slightly strong and may cause mild irritation. If you experience this, mix a drop of clove oil with your natural lip balm and apply on your lips. You will notice that over time the lips swell up to look rich and fuller.

➜ Apply Cinnamon Leaf Oil

The application of cinnamon leaf oil shows almost immediate results. Cinnamon leaf oil has a stronger effect on the lips than clove oil. It can cause a greater amount of irritation. So, you must definitely mix it with your lip balm and then apply.
As is the case with clove oil, apply this mixture only twice a week though you will notice that your lips appear fuller and redder just after the first use. Remember this oil is very spicy and will definitely hurt if used undiluted.

➜ Make your own Natural Lip Plumper

You can prepare your own natural lip plumper and store it and use whenever necessary. For this, mix 6 tablespoons of olive oil, 6 drops of cinnamon leaf oil, and the gel of 1 vitamin E capsule. Ideally, store this mixture in a lip gloss tube in a cool, dark place. Apply it every night and see the difference for yourself.

➜ Cayenne Pepper Oil

Cayenne pepper is extremely spicy though it may be an effective home remedy for fuller lips. To use it for this purpose, mix a small amount of cayenne pepper with water to make a thin, watery paste. Apply this on your lips and leave it on for about 7 to 10 minutes. Then, rinse it off. Do not lick your lips at all after applying the paste. It stings!

A Few Lip Exercises

Fuller lips can be achieved even by doing some simple lip exercises. Before starting off, wash your face and lips thoroughly. Do not apply any of the mixtures mentioned here while doing these exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to stimulate collagen production that helps you achieve plump lips.

➜ Exercise #1

Press your lips in over your teeth as if you are trying to keep from screaming. Now, in this position, smile. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat this exercise 10 times.

➜ Exercise #2

Use all your energy and pucker up your lips like you would do when kissing someone. Stay like this for at least 2 - 3 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

➜ Exercise #3

Pout your lips and then press them together upwards towards your nose. Stay like this for about 5 seconds and repeat it about 10 times.

➜ Exercise #4

Press your lips together as you did in the first exercise. Your lips should not wrinkle while doing this exercise. So, pull up the corners of your lips with both your index fingers as if indicating someone to smile.
Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. Not only do these exercises give you fuller lips, they also tone the skin around the lips making it firm.
There! You now know the secret for obtaining sexier, fuller lips without having to spend huge amounts of money. For any of these methods to be effective, you must follow them on a regular basis. Since it is a natural procedure, it is going to take a slightly longer time to show the results though they are bound to be seen.